Comfort Food & Comfort Clothes

Last night was date night.  Yeah!  Bow-chicka-wow-wow...  But no.  
I mean yes!  

Theo just loooves me in my eccentric-version-of-sweats outfit.  He shakes his head as I write this...sigh.  Don't know what fancy sweats look like?  Check it out:

So comfy!!!  
If I wasn't so vain, I would wear real sweatpants like a champ but, you know.  I am, so... I gotta wear these pretentious things: my dear harems.  I also wore them here while in the Philippines.  And here too.
These glossy flats have been in the Tiny Closet fam for a long time.  I also wore them here.
 My Tiny Closet and I have had these earrings since H&M first opened in the states.  I love them, obviously and after all these years, they are still in tact.  Amazing.  And this scarf?  A staple.   I've said this so many times and I'll say it again.  Leopard goes with almost everything.  That's a lot, right?  See for yourself, I wore it here with a pair of peach pants.

top: Asos / scarf: Zara / jacket: Muuba / harem pants: Philippines / bag: Dooney & Bourke / flats: Taryn Rose
 Walking around town, I got a little Seattle nostalgia and decided to take a picture in front of the original Starbucks.  Ah, back when Starbucks was just a lil mom n' pop coffee shop.  As the sun went down, we finally decided on a restaurant for dinner:
 La Medusa.  

Eating comfort food in my comfort clothes.  It was the perfect date night.  And Theo was there too :)

If you're in Seattle, this place is yummy.  Order Grandma's Greens!

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  1. Leopard scarf! I'm rocking a leopard scarf in my new post this morning too!

    I love the outfit, and date nights are so fun!! You have a great smile, and love those harem pants. You rock them so well! Happy Friday!


  2. The leather jacket was a great touch to this outfit. I agree with your statement that leopard goes with ANYTHING! (Refer to my blog, I'm obsessed!)

  3. Love your outfit! it looks so comfortable!!

  4. Major co-sign on the leopard print scarf! Leopard goes with everything... as does python, and zebra and croc and and... (I'm running out of animals here) lol. Love this outfit!