Effortless w/ Separates

I am so happy to be living in Theo's my All Saints drop crotch jeans again!  They have the.most.perfect slouch and crinkle-ness about them.  Boyish and rugged.  I mean after all, they are mens jeans so...they're more to play around with, style-wise.
That means, I love putting super simple feminine tops and separates with them.  And in the case of last Sunday morning, a white deep v-neck body suit, slim gold pendent necklace and an oversized draped wrap top was all I needed.  I've already worn this ensemble twice in a week and this is The Tiny Closet so I'll be sporting it again within another day or so.  This outfit is so darn simple and yet, an alternative styling to jeans and a tee.  It also still gives an effortless, leisure vibe that jeans and a tee would, which at my bottom line, is what I like to see in all of my clothing.  Why? 

Because if it looks like I thought too hard about it, the outfit is no longer a seamless form of self expression, it's just in the way.  It has to be effortless.  Because effortless is natural.  And we all want to be natural, and look natural for that matter.  So if I can't put it on and go, if I'm stopping in the mirror to mullllll then to me, it's not working.  It's not effortless.
I mention "effortless" because separates tend to be a little more work.  The coordination, the fit, the flattering of color and the way it moves etc - I tend to go for one-piece looks because of this.  But I've been playing a lot with separates lately and the goal of putting things together with minimal effort is a challenge I've been up for lately.  Maybe because I now have a bomb pair or bottoms to work with?  Perhaps.
 This week, I'll be attending the L.A. Textile Convention for Fall/Winter 2018, something I prepare for and look forward to all year.  Fashion Week is certainly fun to see but the Textile Convention that happens every Fall?  That's definitely more my speed.  I can't even tell you how excited I am.  I will try to record the experience but my focus first will be planning my collection for next A/W.  Hopefully I can share with you again come Thursday - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Til then, catch me on Instagram where I'll be sharing stories and posting.  Also visit The Tiny Closet Shop to view and shop my current Fall items!  New arrivals are coming later this week :)

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  1. You inspire me so! PERFECT definition of effortless style.