A Life of Leisure?

That's certainly what I'd like to think anyway...
Sure, my life of business to leisure is still about 80/20, but that doesn't mean my closet has to be.

On the days when I can show up for brunch, take an evening off for happy hour, sneak away for the weekend with friends, it's leisure bliss and my Tiny Closet is ready for it all.

But on most other days when I'm sewing until 3am or getting lost in fabric aisles with my calculator, or spending the day in the back of Ubers on the phone, I still want to feeeeel that life of leisure, baby! 
 Give me breezy.  Give me fabulous. Give me fancy free!
Oh and can you make that completely effortless?  Thanks. 
As much as simplicity is a life-long art, as a minimalist to my core, I gravitate toward it naturally.   And when I've found the simplest, easiest way to wear something while still getting my point across, that's when anything I'm wearing can feel like leisure wear.

And that's what I want my closet to say.  Elegance, simplicity and ease.  That's good for me!  So even on the most stressful of days, at least what I'm wearing could effortlessly say otherwise.
In this case, this particular ensemble truly is leisure wear.  But what if the pants were silk?  What if the top was beaded?  Even if the shoes were traded out for a pair of stilettos, it would still have an air of leisure.  And no matter what I'm doing, that's where I want to live, always.


  1. Love the outfit. Will you be offering it for sale in your shop?

  2. Hi Lisa! Thank you! I don't know for sure if or when this item will be available in the shop but I will be sure to notify all subscribers if it does! Thanks for asking :)