Summer Statements

When Summer hits, I love wearing big statement jewelry.  And since I'm pretty minimal with my style in general, I usually fancy single, oversize pieces like a long pendant necklace, a finger ring or a huge cuff.  

What is it about Summer time and my seasonal infatuation with big roomy statement pieces??  
No clue.  

It was Summer when I bought the biggest dress on the planet years ago and still wear it to this day, this parachute ikat maxi dream...
And this Summer, I was pleased to be asked to join a campaign for Larimar Bliss, a beautiful jewelry company specializing in statement pieces made of Larimar.  I happily accepted when I learned more about the Larimar gemstone and especially when I peeped their rings!
The blue colors that make up Larimar is the definition of Summer for me.  It reminds me of endless beaches and blue skies.  I decided to pair this particular statement dress with a wonderfully big statement ring and it all says "Summer!".  Leisure, blissful Summer!
 This ring, with the simplest design and sole focus on the stone, is my kind of presentation for a piece that makes a statement every day and adds to my Summer outfits.  

I'll be showing off some more Summer jewelry in the next weeks to come.  I don't really share that side of my closet enough.  Perhaps because I keep my accessorizing mainly to warm, sunny times of the year.  I love and accept my personal style (and that comes with never naturally turning to jewelry when dressing in the morning) but I've really been aspiring to up my game a little in the accessories department.  Exploring small, special boutiques like Larimar Bliss inspires me to be even more expressive and creatively feminine with my Tiny Closet so... more on that to come!

Happy, blissful Monday to you!

Oh!  The Tiny Closet Shop is now open to all!  Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed to my mailing list.  There's some fun new items coming to the shop very soon so stay tuned!  

And a super special thank you to everyone that placed an order during my first week of opening!!  Thank You! 


  1. Good Morning Natalie absolutely beautiful breathtaking photos with the sea of blue colors you look so pretty I have to check out this jewelry line. The ring is very nice. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day ! :)