Artful Outerwear

The Southwest has pretty mild seasons.  The only time I wear a coat of any substance is when I visit my parents in the Northwest.  Still, I love to accessorize my minimal looks with roomy statement pieces (specifically of the coat family).  And when temperatures drop to high 60s, I'm so happy to break them out!
As I maintain a carefully curated closet of what I view to be beautiful, well-made, much loved, thoughtfully purchased pieces - that means everything is special and everything is personal.  It's me!  So I'm always looking for ways to express myself through my closet.  
ring by Amarilo Jewelry / hand chain by Haati Chai

For the past year, I've been playing with mud cloth, using the pieces for apparel - mainly ponchos and open coats.  I wanted something rustic, creative and durable enough to be worn daily.  And unique enough to squeal quietly to myself as I throw it on and go.  Turns out, the weight, thickness and texture of mud cloth is perfect for outerwear.  No, it's not suitable for rain, snow or below 65-degree weather but what's great about that is, none of those things apply to me or the rest of us fine, funky L.A. residents
Lately, I've been wearing a lot of browns, tans and all sorts of creams.  I'm going with it!  Traditional earth tones are my jam lately and it probably has a lot to do with my recent perusing of my Pinterest board of interior and housewares.  From leathery lived-in couches to raw wood shelving and gorgeous ceramics, I can't help but incorporate the style into my wardrobe.
This wide funnel-neck poncho, as well as the above open coat are both designs of mine.  So easy to pop on and wear.  Amd they're surprisingly soft (with drape too!) - given the fact that they're meant to be rugs and upholstery, ha.

You should see them in the shop soon.  And if you're subscribed, you'll certainly get the insider scoop on these pieces as they are very special to me.
Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and I love it.  This season is always so distinct to me - the air is different, the sunsets, the lighting - everything is so crisp!  I usually color correct my photos but the Fall yellows were so rich in these and it so exuded the season that I kept it.

 I wish you a happy Fall and lots of fun curating your own Tiny closets.  This is a fabulous season for fashion!


  1. Nat- what happens when mud cloth gets wet and it's below 60 degrees? I am moving to a colder climate and would love this piece!

  2. Incredible pieces! Always an inspiration. I'm trying to approach wardrobe building in the same way, but have yet to refine my process like you have :)