In & Around The House

When I'm in the house, I don't like to wear much.  And with my walls mainly made up of windows facing East, by 7am, my apartment can get up to 90 degrees if the a/c isn't already programmed to start running.  So I keep things minimal, light and breezy when indoors.

I've been living in jumpsuits lately and I'd been searching for a style of jumpsuit to wear when lounging and also when sprinting off to pick up takeout across the street.  I'm tired of changing for those tiny uneventful things.  But I also want to look great wherever I go (yes, even to CVS) so I decided to make a "house-friendly" jumpsuit to also wear outside the house - when those daily to-do's drag me out into the day.

It ended up being a light but draping chambray.  In stripes.  And a deep v. *heart eyes*
It looked so fabulous (almost old Hollywood) that I decided to sell it in my shop and treat it as a beach coverup.  I don't wear it as such but it certainly would be fabulous at the beach or around the pool.  

Of course I already have a few jumpsuits.  One can go either sporty or cozy.  And the other is perfect for long outings and shopping days.  For me though, this particular jumpsuit was made to be something feminine and modern to wear indoors during the Summer months and then slip on some mules and trot down the street for a quick 2-for-1 cupcake deal.

I have to admit, I am such a fan of how it turned out!!  It's quite a gem to my Summer capsule and I'm sure it will pop up again next Summer.  Anyway, I hope you like it too!  It goes so well with a white turban.  Which, I'm suddenly all about these days.  So regal!  But that's a topic for another time :)

I hope Monday is finding you bright eyed and ready -  if this is an insanely busy week for you, that makes two of us...  You can do it!


  1. Love the jumper. I would pair it with a gold waist belt and wear it out around time on my casual days when running errands. The deep V is great because it draws the attention towards the chest instead of the shoulders. I have broad shoulders so deep v's are a must for me.

    1. Thank you, I'm lad you like. A gold belt would definitely be fun and summery looking. I love deep v's too!

  2. Oh this is so cute ~ Loving the whole ensemble

  3. Cool and comfortable outfit, love it.