Deep Blue Sea

I'd been waiting forever it seemed, for the right occasion this Summer to wear one of my most prized pieces in The Tiny Closet Shop:  The Weekender!

Deep blue sea silk maxiness.  Mmmm!

Your gal has not gotten out lately.  At all.  So an invite to Issa Rae's yacht party was a blissful, fabulous break from the norm.  And what better occasion than a yacht party on the sunniest day of the year to wear.... this gorgeous maxi, double-slit dress?!
A lot of people are nervous to wear silk in the Summer months.  This, ladies, is the lightest, breeziest maxi I own.  The hunt for the perfect silk in this design was painstaking.  The original Weekender maxi was made of tri-acetate and I felt it needed an upgrade from its debut.  The new Weekender is now a luxurious 100% natural piece.  I needed to find something light as a feather.  Virtually weightless.  And finally, I also needed to find the perfect hue of baltic blue.  I am pleased with the outcome.
The party was filled with amazing new faces in entertainment.  People who are actively changing up the game (finally!!) in Hollywood and media.  And people I'm proud to have seen coming from miles away.  It's their time now.  And I hope it lasts forever.   I thought I wouldn't know anyone there but when I arrived, I realized L.A. is super small.  

For being a total introvert, I seem to know a LOT of extroverts...
It was a wonderful day off. Plenty easy and literally breezy.  Oh, and all of my jewelry was from Haiti Chai and Amarilo.  So now it's back to the grind of late nights, early mornings and the humming of sewing machines and a/c.  Speaking of which...

There's some exciting things going on at the shop currently!!  New Summer arrivals to wear into the balmy warm evenings aaaaand a SUPER SALE going on too!  Up to 75% off and all for you.


  1. That is an amazing look on you! And looks like such a good time!

  2. Issa and Natalie in one place?! #dreamsdocometrue

  3. The blue dress is amazing. On a side note, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. Please share what you used on achieving that look.

    1. Thanks! The hair do was my usual wash and go :) This time, I went under a helmet dryer from right out of the shower and I sat under it for 30 mins. After that, I just separated and fluffed with my fingers. Voila! You can check it out a similar version here: