Trying New Things

A new wash and go routine, a new jumpsuit design, some amazing new mules, new jewelry...

Would I sound shallow if I said it was just what I've been needing??
If it does, oh well.  For someone who rarely gets new things, I've been feeling pretty indulgent lately.  And I'm loving it!
The girls at the Haiti Chai + Amarilo flagship store let me poke around a bit and take photos of myself and some of their new pieces.  It's great having jewelry designer friends because as you know, I'm not much for accessorizing but I so admire it.  A genuine minimalist like me doesn't like too much  on the body so it's hard not to feel "busy" or heavy when wearing jewelry.  But both Haiti Chai and Amarilo pieces are truly effortless and allow me to participate in the accessorizing game!  Both artists are so light but bold at the same time.  In fact I brought a lot of their pieces with me to the tropics last Winter.  You can view a gorgeous body chain by Haati Chai here.  And some cheeky rings and things by Amarilo here.
I also took my new jumpsuit out for a spin, finally!  I made this piece a while back but new orders and designs at The Shop stole my attention so it didn't quite get finished until last week.  I so love railroad print linen - the durability and ease of wear with this fabric is awesome.  And because it's a bit stiff like denim almost, it looks so fresh and pressed when I wear it.  I'm thinking of making it available in The Shop....
Whatchu think about that??
I wore these beautifully simple statement earrings for the shoot but I think I may just have to buy them.  And I came across my old signature M.A.C. lip color over the weekend and I almost cried.  I used to wear this piercing crimson color all over town and now that seems like a lifetime ago.  It's time to break this mama out!  As soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I was like oh hey girl, I remember you.
Amarilo rings are so fun to stack!

 These Nissolo mules were a lucky gift I got from a friend.  I have tiny feet and they fit like a glove.  The leather and wood-stacked heel is so gorgeous, I'm already wearing these babies every day.  
So I've been feeling more myself these days.  Ahhh :)  Who'da thought I just needed to go shopping  LOL!  I'm kinda joking.  And kinda not.  I realize it's very important to make a habit of taking time out for oneself.  Especially if you're a really busy person.  And aren't we all?  Women tend to put themselves last and I'm not going to do that anymore.

I woke up this morning feeling so good.  I hope you did too.  And if you didn't, I understand.  Try and do something really nice for yourself.  Something you wouldn't normally do.  It may end up making you feel really good.

Happy Monday :)


  1. hey looking great! wondering what shade your mac lippie is?

    1. Hi there! My MAC lip is classic matte Ruby Woo. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your hair looks great! Are you going to share your wash-and-go routine with us? ;)

  3. Your hair is absolutely stunning and the jumpsuit is gorgeous.
    I'm with the person above, I'd love to know your wash-and-go routine! My hair and I have a love-hate relationship and any tips to better tame it would be lovely.