My Summer Capsule... So Far

Ahhhhhh.  And what a wonderful Summer capsule it is!  Maybe because not only is my closet carefully curated by me, it's also well um, made by me too!  I'm laughing as I write this because it's a bit ridiculous, I think the only clothes in my closet that I haven't designed and sewn myself, including my base closet that I wear all year round, are my jeans.  I even sew my t-shirts!  Oh wait, and my coats and jackets.  Whew!  Talk about a custom closet.
Honestly, I sew my own clothing because all my money goes toward fabric for my clothing line and I don't have much left afterward for shopping.  So I save my money for the really cool stuff that I can't make, like shoes, jewelry and fun outerwear.  

But the thing is, you don't have to sew your own clothes to absolutely love the pieces in your closet.  No way.  I could have found all the items I was looking for in a myriad of places.  You just have to know what you want and have the patience to hunt for it.
Above is my mini capsule for Summer (and a bit of Spring) only.  If you'd like to peep my base closet of clothing I wear year round, click HERE.  

Here in Los Angeles, there's not too much of a difference from one end of the year to the other.  I mean last week, it was 90 degrees.  I live in a year-round warm to hot climate so my seasonal capsules do look a bit similar so instead of building capsules on weather and temperature, my capsules vary based on the "spirit" of the seasons.  Same goes for my shoes.

I only buy one or two pairs of shoes for a season capsule.  For summer, my new capsule shoe is a simple gold 2-strap flat sandal.  And it goes with everything.  I may buy another Summer shoe since the Summer zeitgeist in L.A. runs until October.
This railroad stripe jumpsuit above was made for Spring but it weaves in nicely with my Summer pieces so I included it.  If you'd like to see more of this one, I featured it in a recent blog post HERE.
And this marigold mama, my sexy maxi dress, came out last Fall and I loved it but I find it's best suited for Summer.  It also pairs much better with a Summer shoe.
I bought a pair of suede block-heeled mules last week but they are for my base closet.  I included them above because they actually go really well with my Summer items.

These black mules from my base closet also go very well with all my Summer items.  One item in particular that is fun to pair with is this frilly white Fame & Partners party dress that can be worn day or night.  I featured it in a blog post showcasing it's day-to-night behavior HERE.  It's the one thing I didn't make myself and it's more frou frou than I care to wear year-round but for a capsule, it's perfect!
I have also never worn aqua blue before and I don't intend to often but in this midi dress above, for my Summer Capsule, I love it.  
And that's the beauty of a capsule closet - you can experiment for a time, play something out and then put it away.  My experience with having everything together, all my clothing for the whole year in one space is chaos and it eventually leads to pieces being forgotten or undervalued.  My base closet is where I keep my basics, my staples.  My seasonal capsules are where I have more fun and where I can shop more in the moment.

And speaking of shopping, I'll be chatting about that on Monday!  Tips and tricks for the Summer months coming your way next week.

Oh!  And I hope you have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!!  
I'll be celebrating my birthday :)  


  1. Happy Birthday Natalie.
    Thanks for bringing much joy and inspirational ideas to the fashion arena.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you for the bday wishes :) I'm so happy I can bring you joy and inspiration with these posts, thank you for visiting!

  2. Bravo Natalie! I love your fabric choices and how easy to wear everything looks! I am slowly but surely getting there with my own 'curated closet', although it's a bit harder in eastern Canada as we have such varying degrees in our weather!
    I also love the striped dress you are wearing in these pictures. Are you going to have that available in the shop? I bought that fabulous black and white striped modal dress last summer - and lived in it for about 2 months - so I am partial to the comfy stripey things you make.
    Keep creating- people love what you are doing!!!!

    1. Ah! Thank you! And thanks so much for shopping at The Tiny Closet Shop!! I would certainly like to make the above striped maxi tank dress available for purchase in the shop but we'll see. And a capsule wardrobe is so much more fun in places that see all 4 seasons! You really get to experiment and have fun with all types of different clothes! Have fun building your Tiny Closet!

  3. I'm impressed! You're very talented.

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