The Tiny Closet Shop: Behind The Scenes

Well, it's a work in progress...  But isn't everything?

It's been about a month since I moved my design studio into the second room in our loft.  Moving meant going through all of my fabrics, swatches, tools, notions, patterns, and did I mention fabrics?  

All while conducting business!!
I have my family to thank for my shelving and machines.  The black boxes are also a sanity saver as they conceal all of my fabrics and samples.  
Blank walls and still some empty spaces, I haven't moved in completely just yet.  And I'm not in a rush.  I'll be installing more shelving, plants, artwork and an area for my jumbo collection of swatches.  Everything seen here is only the essentials so I can keep working.

So yes, there will be more progress posts, haha.
This chair is my first piece of fine furniture.  I got it specifically for the studio.  For me.  I cherish it!  Gifted brand new to a blogger to be used in a photo shoot, I don't think the chair was even sat on.  I took it off her hands merrily.  $1000 retail and I bought it new for $200.  Yasss!
I bought two banquet tables from Costco a long time ago that unfortunately I still need.  They're for drafting, cutting and desk work.  The studio space is a bit too tight to house real tables all the time, so I bought fold up tables to put away when not in use.  Not glamorous but it still works!

My old patterns to the left and my new patterns to the right.  Everything was drawn at first and now, thank goodness, all my patterns are digitized.

This big mama is my third machine and currently giving me some major grief.  Everything needs to be re-calibrated for my current collection so obviously, I'm procrastinating with that, ha.

Moving also meant the inevitable purging of things.  Things long forgotten, things hoarded and things less valuable than the prime real estate they were occupying.  

Loosely following the KonMari Method, I knew I had to be brutal with purging because unlike my own personal wardrobe which is super paired down, in my studio, I'd been saving absolutely everything I ever bought or made - including some of my first patterns ever made.  I actually kept those for nostalgia.  
Going down memory lane trying on my first designs, I got surprisingly inspired by the crappy drafted clothing I had made for myself with the different sewing tricks I experimented.  
I had completely forgotten about some of those old pieces but actually, they're giving me new fuel for upcoming seasons!  Here's a few I couldn't help trying on during the shoot.  The ensemble above I couldn't believe I had tucked away!  Why oh why was this hidden??  I should've finished this project and worn the heck out of it.

These paper bag pants were kind of a failure but the idea is still readable.  We'll see with those...

I made this back in 2013 I think.  A silk chiffon dream.  If I can find this print again, you better believe I'll be selling it in The Tiny Closet Shop.  It's exquisitely fabulous and looks good on everyone.

I was really into curry yellow years ago and now I'm seeing it all over S/S 17.  I should have spent more time with it but at the time, this ensemble looked a bit too ceremonial.  Now I feel like someone like Solange would pull it off without blinking.

I've been inundated with so many ideas lately.  And they all seem to come with obstacles.  My new space, more responsibilities, less time to plan etc... let's just say I'm overwhelmed.  

But after this shoot, it really brought me back to why I started all this in the first place.  It was pure joy shooting this blog post and I was reminded me of how happy I was first starting out.  And that makes me happy now and helps me to be excited about all this newness.  

Anyway, that's what's happening over here.  Now back to you!

Come back next week for new ensemble ideas for Summer!
And in the meantime, enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Great post!
    The Pink Pineapple
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  2. OOOOH! I always appreciate behind the scenes...and you are channeling Ms. Eartha Kitt in this post and I love it! I cannot wait to see your upcoming designs.

    1. Ooo, Miss Eartha! Thank you! And I can't wait to show you the new stuff!

  3. I loved this post! Getting to see where you create inspires me!

    1. So happy I can inspire another creative! Thank you, Sue!

  4. I need that yellow co-ord in my life!

  5. Love this post! I like seeing your creative space and your trip down memory lane. The blue one shoulder top looks amazing.

    1. Thank you Khadija! I enjoyed sharing this with you guys!

  6. really liking your new creative space where all the inspiration happens!

  7. love seeing your studio and earlier designs

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  9. Drooling over here! Every single garment, LOVE! The studio looks fab. I look forward to reading more behind the scene posts.

  10. The place looks great, Natalie! Way to go, friend.

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