Simplicity with Statement

I've been a sewing fool these days!  I took a few days off last week and spent them in the mountains with good friends.   Wow!  Apparently, it was just what I needed to recharge and implement all of my grand plans and schemes...  And while I've been getting prepared for the season with The Tiny Closet Shop (psst, omg, you guys are going to love the new stuff I'll be rolling out), I've been sewing ferociously enough to even sew a few pieces for myself (yay! new clothes!).  One in particular is maybe the coolest item I've ever owned.  Drama much?
I have been daydreaming for the what seems like the longest time of curating a collection of dusters, robe jackets and kimonos,  A simple streamlined body suit or a chic white tee and high rise jeans with... a beautiful, artsy statement piece.

It took me a while to grab the time to actually design and make one but after about a year of collecting fabric, snatching up cool prints or textures wherever I found them, I am finally making a few of them to help me with my very simple daily outfits.  This one is my favorite.  Obviously.   
Handmade mud cloth and hand-painted as well.  Instead of tidying up the ultra soft cotton strands along the edges, I let them go freely.  No hems needed.
 I wanted to add an artsy ruggedness to my blank canvas of jeans and a tee.  I'm just ecstatic over this piece.  And very grateful it turned out how I wanted.  Style and fashion truly do influence.  Wearing this original piece inspires me to be laid back, real and unapologetically creative.  What a great attitude to just put on and go, huh?  Simplicity.  With a statement.

 Oh and...

 Speaking of attitude, I feel like I've recharged mine.  The mountains did a number on me.  Theo, with his perpetually perfect timing, was able to record a moment of my newfound peace. 
Hope you liked the newest edition to my Tiny Closet!  And here's to the rest of the week!  May it bring you good vibes all the way to the weekend.
Thank you for visiting!


  1. Love Love Love mudcloth. This with jeans is on point.

  2. I sooooo love your blog and your style!!!

  3. Will this duster ever be available again? :-(

    1. Yes! It will actually - and I'll be sure to notify all of my subscribers when it's restocked! Thanks so much for asking 😊

    2. Wonderful. I would love to buy it for my girlfriend to wear for our baby shower in February. And I'm going to sport one of your amazing structured turtleneck ponchos. I have plan! haha. I'll be sure to subscribe. I love your work and plan to support as much as I can!

  4. Will this duster ever be available again? :-(