Shopping Tricks I Live By

[Plan to] Be Impulsive.
Impulse shopping is a slippery slope.  But let's face it, love happens when you least expect it.  Plan for it.

I was trying on sandals last weekend and passed by a pair of nude sky-high closed point-toe heels.  I have been looking for heels like these for about 2 years and nothing had impressed me.  But these were exactly what I wanted!  

So I bought them right then and there.  Even though I planned to buy sandals, I left with two new pairs of shoes.  Impulsive and yet, not really.  I'd been looking for those heels all along.

Keep A Visual Shopping List
If you shop online you may have Wish Lists all over the internet.  From Saks to Amazon to Asos, my wish list is one big shopping list packed into a Pinterest board.  It's always there and I manage it throughout the year, removing and adding items regularly.  

A visual list is best because it also helps plan your seasonal capsules.  Plus, you can always check on each item to see whenever it goes on sale or if it's almost sold out.  It forces me to either buy it or let it go.

Set a Year-Round Spending Limit
If you shop monthly, have a monthly budget.  If you shop a few times a season, have a capsule budget.  A budget can help you focus on the things you really love and keep you from buying the stuff you're okay living without.

Get real with yourself!
Much like coffee and alcohol, many people don't know how much money they spend on clothing throughout the year.  Don't set a budget based on your ideals, check your bank records over the last 6 months and set your budget accordingly.  You will still enjoy shopping but chances are you'll have a more thoughtfully curated closet.

Ah, a few things to think about at least when shopping this season! I'll have more tips and tricks later to share and in the meantime, I'll be updating you on my new design studio and new pieces in my Summer Capsule later this week and next!

*Happy Monday*


  1. I'm a constant shopper, lol and I think my Pinterest wish list makes it worse! I've been thinking lately it's time to set a budget. Good tips girlfriend.

    Leslie / @hautemommie /

  2. Hahaha, yeah I could see a Pinterest list being a problem for some people! Thank you for reading Leslie! I'm flattered that a pro shopper like yourself found this useful :)