Day to Night w/ Fame & Partners

Transitioning into Summer slowly, I linked up with Fame & Partners again for their S/S collection of pieces.  This time exploring transitioning from casual, carefree days to sultry warm nights.  Summer can't get here fast enough.

And you know me, it is 'The Tiny Closet way' to be able to seamlessly go from day to night with the right carefully hand-picked pieces from my current capsule.  And this fresh white (hot) frock fit in nicely with pulling double duty.  Take a look-see:
 One of Fame & Partners' new arrivals, The Irina dress is so comfortable.  Fitting like a glove, I slipped this gal on, threw on my newest favorite mules and light trench and took her for a spin.

A little froufrou, a little chic.  A little girly, a little sexy.  I'm thinking brunch, cocktails, baby showers, basically anywhere a girlfriend will say when she sees you, "Oooo, I love this dress!"
 And I loved the bit of juxtaposition of rich brown leather accents, a tan classic shape of the trench with a pop of white and frilly peplum.  Effortless fancy.

As the sun goes down, I switched out my daily gold studs for jumbo pearls, replaced the mules with black strap sandals, put on some glossy red lips and used my guy's dinner coat as a topper.
Simple and makes an awesome night time makeover.
The Irina is a chic blank palette, which is great for me because I love styling.  And for my first evening look, I was easily able to go a bit "Havana Nights".  So obviously that was fun.
Such contrasting looks by just changing your coat and shoes!  And the fact that all the pieces at Fame & Partners are bespoke and custom made is very reassuring for me that retail is finally headed in a beautiful, ethical direction.  

What I mean is since every piece is made-to-order, there is no waste of excess inventory and pieces are meant to make a truly tailored wardrobe.  And this I'm all about because I too make clothing and find it awful and intimidating to maintain a business of a boutique clothing line as big fast-fashion stores sell poorly-made clothing for next to nothing.  It's flashy and thrifty but if you really think about it, no one really wins in the end with this concept; from the workers to the customer.

Anyway, I'm joining in on a fast-fashion fast over on Instagram.  If you want to know more and even join in yourself, come and visit @thetinycloset and see if you can stay off fast-fashion for 1, 2, 3 or even 12 months!


  1. Thank you for turning us on to the fast-fashion fast. I'm all about it. Also those earrings you are wearing are Everything!

  2. love this and love u. you make it look all too easy <3

  3. I gave up fast fashion in September of 2015 and don't think I'll ever go back. Yours is one of the blogs I found when searching for like-minded style and/or sewing blogs and continues to be a favorite! Always an inspiration.

    1. Wow, since 2015! I applaud you. I'm right behind ya! I'm so flattered and thankful that this blog is one of your faves! Thank you for reading :)