An Atypical Basic

Last week I debuted this fun, fitted LBD in my shop.  I don't really wear fitted clothing, mainly for comfort (mentally and physically) - and you better believe I'm wearing spanx under this cozy thing, for smooth lines and whatnot.  But I thought it would be nice to show it off.  In fact, these photos mark the first time wearing this dress.  And it's my own design!  Go figure... 

But just because I don't wear fitted clothing doesn't mean I can't design it for those who do.  In fact, I designed it for a couple of my curvier girlfriends that like a bit of cinch in the waistline.  Voila :)
But I actually felt pretty chic and sexy in it.  Ha!  And even though I had nowhere to go at the time, I had fun strutting up and down in this original LBD.
This is a simple, comfortable chic black dress that is fitting for a plethora of occasions.  And that's why I decided to introduce it now for Fall.  Because even as early as the first days of November, Theo and I are already getting invited to parties, get togethers and upcoming holiday festivities.  A gal needs options!  So I felt this dress could be an answer to a lot of questions of what to wear, what to wear...  Dinners, dates, holiday parties, office holiday parties, cocktails, girls night.  This dress might just be my atypical, go-to basic for the season.

Aaaaand, speaking of my shop, I just introduced another new item for Fall... 


  1. Ohh Natalie...You hit this one out of the park..
    Love your designs.
    Keep them coming.

  2. Thank you, Sandy!! Thank you for commenting :)

  3. You look fabulous!



  4. I was on IR sites this morning and saw an AMBW couple. I thought of you and Theo and thought that I would check in from Georgia. Good morning Natalie!

  5. I can't wait to see what you come up with next Spring; I'll be on the hunt for a super chic baby shower dress!

  6. so I'm debuting this dress tonight...i too, am not one for tight clothing, but these dress is too amazing to be anything but confident in it. so here goes nothing! :) looking forward to seeing (and supporting) future pieces from you.