Glamour Inside & Out w/ Fame & Partners

The holidays are officially kicking off this week.  This week!!  

A time of around-the-clock festivities, traditions, soirees, shopping, decorating and to dos.  So much to do.  And while I'm RSVP'ing to this and that, restocking my favorite mascara and perusing Pinterest for the perfect holiday heel, I'm also making sure I'm taking a moment to breath.  Because from November to December, it may feel like a sprint, but it's a marathon.  Pace is key.

So when Fame & Partners contacted me about their INSIDE\OUT clothing collection, I was honored to join their movement (and wear a super luxe piece from the collection itself!).  
I hold fast to keeping it simple and comfortable.  
Because simple is glamorous and comfort is luxury.  
I'll have both please, with a side of cake.

I picked this maxi tunic because....well, need I explain?  Not to mention it was the best piece to also debut my new "holiday" hair :)  
Fame & Partners is walking around in my head - give her glamour, allure, and complete and total ease.  This heavily beaded evening tunic is almost like a gown.  A weighted cozy gown that will last with me all evening.  I picked it because this holiday dress is not like the others.  It's totally understated design leaves so much to work with.  I could've worn it many different ways so it's all about styling.  I chose big hair and sky-high heels.  

The modest bedazzled neckline balances nicely with a pair of simple, irregularly high slits.  Mama like.
The modest bedazzled neckline balances nicely with a pair of simple, irregularly high slits.  Mama like.
Well-made, beautiful clothing to make a woman feel like royalty on the outside.  And a priority and passion for giving back to women on the inside.  Through dressing up and giving back, Fame & Partners supports women across the board, which moves me and makes me so thankful that they exist.  For instance, now $5 of every sale goes towards supporting women's empowerment charities all over the world (through UN Women and Plan International).  That's a beautiful thing.  And with treats like their amazing Friday Giveaway, women empowerment interviews on Fame Files, and their recent social movement #SlayItForward that I personally will be joining, this INSIDE\OUT collection (and movement) is truly about feeling great inside and out.
F&P asked me how I manage my life and take care of myself on the outside and also how I nurture my soul on the inside.  With my airtight schedule, I leave myself little room for me-time but waking up early in the morning just before sunrise gets me centered and whole.  A hot cup of tea, my day planner and my Pinterest boards are the nurturing meditation I need to take on the day just before everyone else wakes up.
That way, I can fully be in the moment and enjoy taking care of myself on the outside, like going to the spa whenever I can grab an hour to get a good body scrub or manicure.  Dining out with my foodie friends every week.  Styling new outfits for my blog.  And joining my husband on his daily walks with the dog.

So, for the marathon of holidays before us, I am definitely pacing myself - taking time out for me to rest and also being in the moment to enjoy all the glitzy, fun celebration of it all!  

Here we go again guys, let's ring out 2016 with lots of love, laughter, a heap of glamour and plenty of style!


  1. I just LOVE this!! The tunic exudes royalty and glamour. And the hair...the HAIR! I have missed seeing you with an afro halo.

  2. Gorgeous dress and diva Diana Ross hair. Love love love.

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