Luxe Fall

Los Angeles Falls always make me feel like I'm unprepared for the season.  It's high 80s one day and and low 60s the next.  Flash rain and then muggy for weeks.   I always know I've given up when I find myself in jeans and a hoody and I'm not walking the dog.  

Anyway, I've been getting really enthusiastic about kimonos and dusters.  When in doubt, throw one on and go.  Wear anything underneath and cover it up with a sophisticated, draped "cover" piece.  I've been doing this with a beautiful mud cloth I made into a rustic duster and also with this chic black and white linen I made into a duster.
Oh, and I came across a gorgeous marigold fabric that I just had to wear with it.  I think I found what I'll be wearing to host Thanksgiving dinner!  

Warm and cool. Vibrant and relaxed.  The perfect Fall ensemble.  

Isn't this color unbelievable?!  And both pieces are currently helping me with the riddle of dressing for Fall.  The maxi, with its saturated color.  And the duster with its elegant leaf print.  I can wear the duster with jeans and the maxi with a belt and boots, which I'm excited to show you later.

And together, I believe they're dynamite.
Finally, Autumn is not just about sweaters, well-fitting pants and boots.  I'm currently trying to find other alternative Fall-perfect pieces to muse over and try.  More later!

Aaaand if you haven't yet seen my newest piece, The Curator, in my shop, clicky here now!


  1. When will these two pieces be available?

    1. Thanks for asking! Right now, they are just pieces that I made for myself and to give style inso on the blog :) But pssst--I will be putting out a new piece this week! Stay tuned!

  2. Very pretty ensemble. The apricot color looks good on you.