Take 2

Sorry I missed you guys at the start of the week (and at the end of last week!!)  But I didn't want to wait until later this Thursday to showcase this romper again in clearer shots so I thought I'd put together a Tuesday post for you.  

I'm trudging through June Gloom at the moment so by July, I'll get to wear this baby more regularly.

This thing is so comfortable!  Draping, lightweight, gorgeous print, and the loose design is perfect for the Summer months, lounging, long full dinners, you get the picture.  You can eat do a lot in this thing.

And I intend to.
These colorful sandals from Zara several years back pop up every Spring/Summer right on schedule. And they're especially fun with this print.  I usually wear them with something rugged and casual as I like the contrast but this romper has several levels of looks and occasions.  The sandals fit right in.
I'll be testing this out for another month or so.  I've had friends try it on and found this piece is, ugh, still in beta.  It may evolve into something else but maybe not - we'll see what I can do.  For now it's simply going to be fun :)

Happy June to you all!
Why oh why can't there be 30 hours in a day?????  Is it too much to ask for just 6 more hours?!!


  1. I adore the romper. Is this a piece that you made? Also, I like wearing rompers, but, when it comes to time to use the lavatory, honey, we've got problems! Especially if it zips from the back in which most of my rompers do. Boo hoo! Is yours a zip up back or on the side? If it's on the side, I am so jealous right now. The kickers are sugar sharp, too!

    1. LOL oh my gosh, I know what you mean. Sitting there naked in a public stall is less than ideal! I did make this romper after some time of not being pleased with store-bought rompers. Now that I've taken to designing my own, I find they're tricky in a lot of ways. It does zip in the back. Perhaps I can fashion some buttons on the inseam area for a more modest bathroom experience? No harm in trying! Thanks, Shante!

  2. Love this look! You look amazing x

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