Getting Set For Summer

It's still not officially Summer.  And it feels that way when I go outside and feel a nip in the 73-degree air.  But inside is Summer, Summer, Summer time!
I'm talking about this jumpsuit.  
And quite a bundle more to follow...
I made this jumpsuit a year ago after experimenting with designing a pair of gypsy pants with the same fabric.  The jumpsuit is actually the same as my striped, knit jumpsuit design I featured last Summer.  But with non-stretch voile-like rayon.  For those of you who don't know what "voile-like" fabric is, it's like supah, dupah, soft material.  Usually non-stretch and likely to be found in pajama-wear.

Anyway, I guess that's why I never wore it out that much because it does remind me of pajamas.  I've finally taking the time to revisit this design and see if I can go further.  The drawing board only favors the resilient!

Let's see if we can do better with this piece, yes?
Another item I surprisingly don't turn to as much as I thought is this vintage Guess denim vest.  I thought these two underdogs make a good dynamic couple, don't you?  Plus they're both totally rooted in the 80s making my style yesterday a fun and amusing post today.
So you're welcome for the chuckles!

I am so flipping excited for Summer, I think it may just be my new favorite season.  I'm having way more fun than usual creating all these bright, fun dresses, kimonos and jumpers all over the place.  It's like a fabric bomb went off in my living room, I'm having a blast over here, ladies.

Hope you're having a simply gorgeous end of your week!
and speaking of jumpers and rompers and bears, (oh my!)  we'll see ya back here on Monday!