Layering Shorts

Last year, about around this time, I couldn't seem to take off what I still think are the coolest shorts I've ever owned:

Photo Left - top: The Tiny Closet Collection / shorts: Kukuly / shoes: CMG
Photo Right - vest: vintage Guess (Buttons & Bows) / top: Santee Alley / shorts: Kukuly / shoes: eBay

In fact, it was all the inspo from Coachella photos that had persuaded my interest in such folkloric "festival" shorts, as I called them.  This year, like clockwork, I've began considering them again as go-tos - but still it hasn't been quite warm enough to go to them yet.  My legs are quite finicky actually.  I've got to be romping around in at least 80 degree weather to bare the gams all day.  I mean, what if I end up eating at a cold restaurant??  I can't stand feeling a draft under the table.  Anyway... shorts, eh?

I thought I'd raise the volume on the style a bit; let the awesome weave remain the statement but layer on some other cool textures.  Beef it up a bit.  Put a heel in there, some fluttery chiffon, an oversized heavier piece and that'll do. 

Granted, when I first got these a year ago, I celebrated their uniqueness so much that I really wasn't interested in upstaging or crowding them with other pieces.  And since I am a minimalist to my core, it wasn't difficult pairing down my look for these statement shorts.  But I find even with layers they still bring an ensemble together with their colors and design.  And for cooler days, the layers act as a subtle necessity, not fluff.  And I tend to be a fan for the first.

Again, I've been having so much fun with this new feature on restyling.  It's completely revived my enthusiasm for the mission of The Tiny Closet, which is allllll about keeping a functional, versatile and small wardrobe while still indulging your tastes for fashion, style and clothing.  I hope I do that here, because it's something I truly believe in.  And isn't it the coolest thing to love what you're wearing?  To adore your closet?  I think so.  In fact, it makes my whole damn day.  So in the spirit of this ongoing feature of making a Tiny Closet go far, here's to a fabulous new Monday, and a brand new outfit made up of your own favorite pieces.  It still surprises me just how many new looks I can come up with!


  1. I am inspired by the legs look good and love the shorts.

  2. Girl those legs are something else!!! You make me wanna do some calve raises so I can get on your level! ;-p

    I like the restyling series. I like to see how else outfits are paired to make another great outfit. Happy Monday!

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  3. The layering adds a chic, yet subtle flair of boldness!! :-)

  4. I totally get what you're doing with these posts. I love it. You said this was a tiny closet but you've made it stretch for miles. I like learning about all the ways to take one piece and style it in different ways. This reminds me of the woman that had the site where she wore one dress all year and with a change of accessories made it the dress look different. Except that what you're doing is actually showing how to wear the pieces with each other as well. I think this project is unique. Keep up the good work. You're inspiring me to look at my basic pieces and also how to choose more basics to get more mileage.

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