A Tiny S/S Wardrobe

With the terrible weather we've had lately, I've been keeping myself inside, bouncing between my sewing machine and my computer.  
While the rain continues to pour, I am getting totally inspired and ramped up for Spring and Summer! 

It's been a full year since I moved to L.A. and after going through all the seasons, I can now predict each (predictable) season going forward.  
It's much easier now as I think up a new arsenal of pieces - plus, I can finally implement a new routine for my Tiny Closet...

I'm reading about it more and more and I thought I'd adopt the concept for myself.  That concept being that with each new item I add to my wardrobe, I will donate an old item that I'm falling out of love with.  So each new article of clothing will replace an older article of clothing.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show how collecting a few pieces through each season can still keep my collection small while maintaining endless options for styling!  

Starting with Spring/Summer seasons:

I picked 9 important items to be enjoyed mainly during the Spring and Summer of 2014 (and to be replaced if necessary with new items in the Spring and Summer and of 2015):

1. skirt
2. pants
3. shorts
4. a dress
5 & 6. two pairs of shoes
7. top
8. knit tee
9. jacket

I planned all items to be able to be coordinated with each other.  Each piece is simple, feminine and reflecting Spring.  
Equally important, I wanted each piece to able to be worn casual or cocktail :)  
I chose clothing from and Zara for my example just because the price range and styles of both are pretty broad and cover a lot of different occasions.  Next, I made 4 outfits out of the skirt, pants, shorts and skirt.  Check it out!

The LWD...dressed down
Layered with a chambray and cropped twill jacket, I thought I'd pair this dress down even further with a pair of dove grey high tops.  

Even though I created just one outfit revolving around this Zara dress, it can be worn at least a few more different ways just with the other 8 items alone!  
Not counting the rest of a complete wardrobe.  
 Pastel Biker Pants
 I love asymmetric tees - especially when they're paired with skin tight pants.  The dropped back tee from Asos goes perfectly with a pair of sky blue biker pants from Zara's Spring line.  The cropped jacket from Zara will go with everything!
Statement Skirt
 This Zara skirt is so versatile!  It can even be worn with just the cropped jacket buttoned up as a cropped top.  Chambray and twill are naturals together so it only seemed right to have them in a Spring/Summer collection.  Since they're also very simple items, they can be put with statement pieces like this skirt.

Dress Shorts
These fancy asymmetric shorts are a refreshing design and again, can be dressed up and dressed down so easily.  To wear the dropped back tee with these shorts is fun and artistic looking.  Lots of drape!  The cropped jacket is again finding its way into another ensemble - as well as those trusty high tops.

So like I mentioned before, the number of ensembles is surprisingly plentiful when it comes to just 9 items to work with.   Having a visual like this helps me maintain simplicity and my minimalist ways while I begin to refresh my closet.  

Hopefully it will give you some ideas as well of just how many ways you can rock the same things.  Especially when you're shopping for new things!


  1. Love this, would like to see more posts like these Natalie, your style is so effortless - yet fully cognizant, signature and sexy. Also, congrats on your Redbook full page. I felt proud and excited upon recognition. Like I saw a friend :-)

  2. i love that idea of donating an item when you add an item to your wardrobe. i'm gonna have to borrow that idea!

    also, these pairings are great. i'm a big fan of using the same pieces to create new outfits!

    at this volume

  3. Great idea! Love the dress and statement skirt

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