Harbor Blue

A couple weeks ago, we decided to paint one of the main walls in our bedroom.  With crisp white walls running throughout the loft, I thought a deep dark color to (surprisingly) pop would be best.  I've been trying to find the right moment, as well as the perfect light to show you the finished product...

pssst!  not to mention of course a coordinating ensemble to wear 
inspired by the new statement wall!

I fell in love with this Martha Stewart paint - and the color is "Wrought Iron" ... it also looks like a harbor blue though which reminds me of the color of the lakes and harbors around Seattle.   
So dark, moody and classic!

I also love the wash of these trusty All Saints drop-crotch denims.  With my striped sailor top I thought it would be fitting for a nautical look.  
I actually didn't wear this outfit for long since it reached the 90s yesterday and I wasn't about to let myself sweat in a silk jersey sweater top and heavy coarse denim.  
What I thought would be an easy breezy outfit turned out to be hellish and I eventually couldn't wait to take it off!

I am looking forward to wispy jumpers and cooling Summer dresses so keep visiting for more Tiny Closet Summer wear!


  1. LOvely color! OK so I totally thought I was tripping when I saw the curtain move. lol

  2. Love the colors and the breezy curtains are so worth it. You look so cool, calm and comfortable!!


  3. Great choice in color! :) Love it against the exposed brick wall....


  4. Beautiful color and love the second pic with the moving curtain.

  5. Love this color especially with the exposed brick wall.
    You have great home decor style.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  6. I was wondering where you been so you are getting your Feng Shui together. lol :)

    I love that color its is really beautiful and calming . My neighbor was just showing me her bathroom
    that was recently painted with Martha Stewart paint. :) Very nice look.

  7. Love this color. I have a large studio apartment in historic Hancock Park in Los Angeles. My front room is, in fact, the same color as this lovely blue. I also couple it with Shabby Chic white comforter and curtains! I agree that it is soothing. I left my ceilings white. One wall with color is nice. I went overboard, but love it! Yes, L.A. has been warm!

  8. I love the entire room from the brick to the paint to the throw on the bed! The curtain got me too :-)

  9. beautiful, & with the curtain + exposed brick.

    the curtain gif freaked me out by the way lol but nice touch. I felt the breeze through the photo

  10. u look impeccable as always...... dream is to own a closet full of rick owens and all saints items. a tiny closet that is lol....

  11. Shades of blue are so calming in the bedroom. I painted all four of my walls a blue-ish gray. Love your hair and look!