Swim Style Mix & Match: Part II

The only time I've ever worn a two-piece swimsuit in my adult life was back when I was visiting Boracay in the Philippines.  I had been exercising a sizable amount at the time and wanted to show off my upgraded physique.  The suit wasn't necessarily meant to be as stylish as it was meant to be skimpy!

Normally, I feel most fashionable and classy when wearing more clothing than just two itsy bisty pieces but since the Lanvin one piece I wanted was considerably outside my reach (it's a shame too...I would've rocked it, humph!)  This Summer, I decided to upgrade the pieces I already owned.  I kept the teeny tiny bottoms but found a more compelling topper: 

a Bollywood bustier.  
Take that, Lanvin.

I had been spying this sequined bustier for a while at one of the many costume design shops I pass by in L.A.'s downtown fashion district.  I didn't buy it for the longest time as I just couldn't figure out where the heck I would ever wear it....  I soon realized though, as I began planning my Summer swimwear, such a glitzy glam top would be absolute perfection for laying out and dressing up poolside ensembles.

I also used the remnant fabric that was left over from when I designed a muumuu/swim cover up and tied it over my shoulders for a shorter, wispier cover up.  The original muumuu is below.

coverup: The Tiny Closet Collection / bustier: Perial Company / bottoms: Aqua / earrings: Karla Deras for Roman Luxe

As the second installment of my mix and match style adventures, I am loving all the gold!  I was excited to put on Karla Deras for Roman Luxe's gold and lapis earrings again.  They were fitting for the occasion yesterday evening as I melted into the hot tub watching the sun go down.

I'm just getting started with this mix and match show and tell so 
Visit me again next week for another look into my experiments with swimwear!

Have a great weekend :)


  1. Girl, Bollywood has came to Hollywood. lol
    I love the bustier you look fabulous in the bathing suit. The cover up is just breathtaking. These pictures are worthy
    of a Vogue cover :)

  2. This...this here I ADORE! I'm sooooo pinning this look! Muah!

  3. Gorge ..... I love this u are stunning

  4. Too fab! My chest would NOT fit in that. LOL!

  5. OMG! Completely gorgeous and fancy-fabulous!

  6. Only you can go from Eileen Fischer-esque simplicity to a Bollywood bustier without batting an eye. Love it!

  7. You look GREAT!!! I love the suit, as well as the caftan cover up. FAB!


  8. I love that idea for beach wear~ it's a great look~ reminds me of the Crop Over festival costumes in my country Barbados.

  9. That topper is so gorgeous and I love the cover up!!! Your style is so amazing and inspirational!!! Love it!

    ~Chymere Anais

  10. sooooo beautiful! I never would've thought to wear it like that

  11. You look Stunning!!! Great way to wear a wrap.

  12. That looks so so good on you! Fantastic idea!

  13. Stunning!!!!
    Love your blog. This past weekend was Afripop SummerStage in NY Central Park. Check out my blog post of awesome street style pics at the event:

  14. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! This ensemble brought me out of lurker status. Lol!!! I love your style and your blog.

  15. A big back hand slap to the faces of anyone who has ever insulted your body via your blog. I look at you and a wave of attraction and allure came at me. You are beautiful. BEAUTIFUL, in the the greatest and most simplistic yet complex way. This ensemble, your smile, that hair, your skin, and how well you compliment all of it, as if you are fully aware of eveyr feature you own, is impeccable. I cannot get enough, Nat. Ugh.

    You are a winner and by far my favorite style blogger.

  16. You look fab lady! Love this swim suit and cover up.

  17. GIRRRRL !!! You look amazing , the mix and match is just superb and takes the swimwear to a glamwear . Love this post!

  18. Amazing bathing suit and the cover up is gorgeous.
    I would love it if we followed each other, you have an
    awesome sense of style and I love your blog : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  19. You betta W-E-R-K! Absolutely fab!!!!! So Hollywood glam I can't even take it.