Rethinking Lounge Wear

I've always had an affinity for lounge wear.  Big worn tees, voluminous gauzy pants, thick cable knits and scrunchy socks....  
It's the only reason I love Winter.  Just another reason to get comfy! 

The thing is, the slight difference I've realized of lounging around the house filling my day with projects now, 
to hanging around back in my old apartment with my awesome single girl ways then, is that nowadays, I want to look good doing it!

You know, I want to look sexy.  Elegant. Lady like.  Basically, when Theo and I are hanging around the house together, I'd like to be able to tell us apart :)  Why wear sweats when I can wear drapy, soft pants-for-her?  I mean, do you ever see Olivia Pope wearing sweats in her apartment during her calls with the president? 

No.  No, you don't.

So I've been working on this look as a collection actually: clothes cozy enough to be worn in the house and also presentable and flattering enough to be worn out!  
One newer item I'll give a sneak preview of is this simple stretch knit long skirt I'm considering.  
The feeling of a cashmere sweater with the light animal print and dim coloring is perfecto for both staying in and going out.

top: / skirt: The Tiny Closet

It seems I can't get where I'd like to go fast enough.  My passions have had me on the edge of my seat lately - just anticipating each day.  Grabbing a coffee mug from the pantry, there's one that tends to always be in just the right position to stare back and be a simple reminder...

  A simple reminder to calm my ass down!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. That's one awesome coffee mug. I can actually see myself in everything you have on--down to the nail polishes.

  2. "I mean, do you ever see Olivia Pope wearing sweats in her apartment during her calls with the president?" You had to go there huh! lol! But yes, the answer is no. She lounges fabulously. I recently started wearing a maxi dress at home as my lounging dress. I bought it in an XL for more room (my size was too clingy, and I want to be free). I think I'll pick up one more (on super duper sale). I love your skirt!

  3. Lounge wear are the best ever! especially the cable knits! :)

  4. Ummm yeah, those glasses?!? Me love them! I might have misssed if you've said where you got them but can you please share? I'm looking for some new frames and those are the bees knees!

  5. You have a good point, why not look like a lady while lounging? You look so airy and comfortable...and that's the point of lounge wear right? Pretty skirt!

    -Chymere A.

  6. Love the skirt! Such a fabulous piece to add to your collection. I think I'm still in that single-girl mindset in terms of loungewear, maybe when I'm living with a man I'll feel a little differently or maybe your ideas of loungewear will make me change my mind sooner rather than later lol. You look gorgeous. And that mug is absolutely perfect, sometimes we need a reminder right?

  7. Fab idea, love the idea of being elegant at all times!

    And you know I have to ask, where are your glasses from?!

  8. I look forward to your posts every day and can't wait for your collection to come out. The glimpses I have seen those far are so amazing! As you said, patience is key and many of us are fans so you definitely have people who support you! ��

  9. Lounge wear I love it, you have to look cute while lounging around in your home.
    It makes me feel better :) You never know who's going to stop by. lol

    Love the skirt and glasses.

  10. Cute lounge wear totally comes in handy when you need to rush off and have not time to change , these pics are gorgeous. You have a beautiful blog.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  11. Girl, yes and LOL about Olivia Pope--she always looks fly even lounging around at home.

    I used to just wear Chief's old basketball shirts and some holey t-shirt he was thinking about throwing out but then I thought about it like "hey...why am I basically wearing the things HE doesn't even want anymore?" I mean sleeping in his t-shirt is one thing but when I'm around the house with him I still want to look attractive.

    And especially now since being relieved of that awful job I had, I've been working from home but I always make sure to put on something cute and comfortable and NOT pajama-like so that when Chief comes home from work, it doesn't looking like I've been lazing around all day. Loungewear and tights have become by work from home uniform!

    Beautiful post as usual and LOL at the dog...he's looking like his nap had been disturbed.

  12. comfy and stylish, what more could you ask for?? amazing

  13. Olivia Pope's lounge wardrobe makes me swoon, all that creamy fluffy cashmere and silk!

    I took your advice from a previous post and wear old maxi dresses around the house. Wayyy more polished than my sweats.

  14. girls if you love "Posh" polish, you'll probably love Revlon's "Trendy" too. I've been oscillating between the two for the last 3 months. And the most gorgeous red for any skin tone? Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in "Heart to Heart." You look good lounging girl. I am throwing out my 'Lionel Lounge' wear I've had since *thinking* *embarrassing*...behind this.

  15. I love that coffee mug. Any direction on where I can find one like it?