With each month that goes by, I've been feeling increasingly bolder and more daring with my clothing choices...  And with Summer here beating down on us, it's easy to just give up on covering up - too hot to care!  

That being said though, I think this is the most daring outfit I've worn to date.  

And I know you L.A. girls are all probably laughing - this is practically a uniform the way I see women rocking this look everyday.  
You Cali ladies are contagious!  Showin all that skin, frolicking down the street without a care.  
I wanna play too!

I actually put this super simple ensemble together right after work in preparation for a midweek happy hour with Theo.  As I've told you before, he loves this jersey skirt - for it's obvious qualities of course and I love it for it's ultra comfiness... and I also love Alexander Wang to bits.

And these wedges!  I accepted years ago that I have short legs.  

But I don't accept wearing shoes that make them look even shorter!  And that also includes shoes with thick ankle straps like the ones you don't see here.  
Why?  Because I cut them off.  Straps cut short the fluidity of the leg.  On everyone.  
And it's fine if you're Heidi Klume yes, but since my legs don't have much real estate, I cut the straps off these wedges for the sake of looking longer.  

Like Heidi, yes?  ;-)

bandeau: F&F / skirt: T by Alexander Wang / wedges: Trouve / necklace: Heavenly Couture / earrings: Tory Burch

While posing a la mid drift and heels, we saw our roommate and bestie relaxing, minding his own business.  He's always so stylish and I love that we always look like twins in photos so of course, we invaded and had an impromptu photo shoot :)  Between Theo and Chris, I'm in such fashionable company.

I'll be finishing up some fun little coverups for the Summer months that you may be interested in checking out tomorrow!  

oh who am I kidding?
You're going to adore them!


  1. love love love. You look stunning.

  2. Daring! Love it.
    I have a pair of wedges with ankle straps that I adore because for some reason (maybe to just me) they make my ankles look less skinny than they really are.

  3. this outfit is nice but i did not like it on you unfort. :( it showed you fatty :(

  4. Who is this ^ ....I will reserve my comments before I get banned from being able to make comments at all on the whole internet......ANYWAY....back to you, Miss Natalie! Look at you! Werk it!

    Hey your roommate looks like he could definitely be your brother...you really do look like twins and before I read what you wrote I was like "hey...she has a twin bro...how cute!" LOL!!!

    Love this outfit and the shoes girl! I need those SHOES!!!

  5. I agree Veronica *smh* unbelievable...but moving on with real world clarity and positivity, you look Fabulous Natalie! I would live swaddled in jersey if I could. I think Target has the nerve to have a long jersey, rushed skirt on sale now I think about it, hmmm...*inspired* thanks for that!

  6. i think there are people WHO understand me wrongly.. i like very much your style and your blog but for this outfit this was my opinion.. did not mean to hurt feelings of anybody.. sorry :(

    1. I like most of the styles on this blog too but not this one on Natalie. Not being mean, just being honest.

    2. thanks and this is all.. we love the blog so we follow but some times we can not agree and say our thougths.. we love you...

  7. You look very lovely! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  8. I think some people who would find this outfit not so great feel that way because Natalie's frame is different. She doesn't have full blown curves or a flat stomach, so seeing her flaunt her body in clothes that would look "more flattering" on people with curves just doesn't seem right.

    And in that case, Natalie, keep on doing it. People need to stop thinking that the essential figure is the hour glass, flat stomach type. I love her body, and how beautifully she compliments it. And this outfit, I love it. Everything. You don't need hips or a flat stomach. You are a knockout just like this. You deserve to wear outfits like these because you turn them out, time and time again.