Muumuu 2.0

I've decided to finally work to materialize, one by one, all of the random clothing design ideas I've been thinking up.  One random idea being a hybrid version of a muumuu.

If you followed me during my trip through the Philippines, you know how in love I am with muumuus, or, house dresses.  Also, since I'm in permanent pool weather now, I have been settling my attention for the first time on swimsuit coverups.  Coverups have never appealed to me before, I think because the concept of them was just never applicable to my lifestyle (stepping from the pool into some glitzy sandals and a coverup to grab a drink at a nearby beach bar or to take a stroll on the boardwalk - yeah, I can say I've literally never needed to do that before) until now.

So - with our rooftop pool and 90 degree weather in the shade, I am finding my beloved muumuus to be a bit overbearing with their full coverage and heavier fabric.  And while I like the sexy femininity of a sarong or coverup, it has no place in the city at dinner or happy hour.  

I  wanted something more transitional and multi-purpose than a suit coverup or a muumuu.

So I created this:

Sheer like a coverup.  Loungy like a muumuu.  Full coverage in the design.

This completely sheer fabric is certainly fit for throwing over a swimsuit at the beach or pool but it's also been designed as a muumuu, specifically with its length and fullness, so I will also love throwing it on over a bra and leggings, like you see above to run to the store or do whatever I'd like in the city.  
Or I can simply wear it over my undergarments when chilling at home.

I wanted something sexier, prettier, something elegant to look at.

So while I am definitely still attached to all the more traditional muumuus I've collected over the past year, creating the muumuu 2.0 gives me a more transitional piece to wear stylishly everywhere.  In fact, I went to dinner in this particular piece.  Popped on my cropped jacket and oxfords and headed out to celebrate a bday.  I love when clothing is dynamic!  Don't you?

Such is the Tiny Closet way...

I will definitely be wearing my new and improved muumuus all Summer long so if you're needing to see more pictures, come back next week!!  
I will surely have more for your viewing pleasure :) 


  1. This is really cute. how did you make it? This needs to be in my closet.

  2. LOVE this! Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  3. Add me to the "want one" list!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! PLEASE MAKE THIS AVAILABLE TO BUY!!! With you living in LA I can see sooo many high end shops wanting this piece. GREAT JOB!

  5. I so love this, and would buy it in a heart beat if I could!!

  6. this is so adorable! I probably have said it before, but I love your style!

  7. Love that fabric! Feels like vacation, which lends to the loungy feel you were going for.

  8. I absolutely love the dress, i have a similar sheer as your but from American Apparel!!
    love your blog ;-)