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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Bit Country

My cropped denim vest is proving to be more useful than I thought...

As a topping to my parachute style maxi Summer dress, I realized it goes almost too fittingly with the ikat printing and overall design of the dress.  A very desert, South West look, yeah?  All I was missing was cowboy boots.  But no, I chose house slippers as I was just dressed to accompany Theo to pick up some Chinese food down the street after getting off from work.  You can't see them... which is probably a good thing :)

denim vest: thrift & altered (used to be this) / dress: All Saints

Been loving my new gig at my favorite fabric store :)
Fabrics day in and day out y'all.  Learning a lot about the textile biz so you're girl is pretty happy over here.  Happy and tired!


  1. New gig?! Congrats! Catching up!

  2. I remember that dress! Awesome reworking of this denim piece, who would have ever thought it used to be a dress? And I'm happy your new job makes you happy. And of course, as always you look fab Natalie, so easy breezy :)

  3. This dress is really cute, love the pattern and how flowy it is. I also love a great jean jacket (cropped or regular) they just add that something extra to an outfit!!! And yaaaay for the new job!!! Oh and your hair is just growing and looking beautiful!!!

    Carsedra of:

  4. this is such a pretty print! I used to hate dresses and couldnt be caught dead in one but then I grew up! A dress is the most feminine thing and its so thinking required...put it on, accessorize and go!

    Super cute!