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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ramen Time! And I Wore My Harem Pants.

Since I can't afford to have amazing ramen everyday, Theo rations our visits.  In the past, we have orchestrated entire trips to Canada just to sit down for some really really good ramen (Seattle really needs to get some good ramen houses btw) but now that we're a 10 minute walk from Tokyo Town here in L.A., I'm kinda goin' bonkers, guys.

So I decided to save a few memories of our new ritual - without robbing other restaurant patrons of their private meal time - and I snapped a couple pics.  Pics of the place we go, the noodles we eat and my obviously unkempt eyebrows.  Sorry about the last one  :-/

I love high-lo layering - meaning, my cropped denim jacket with my maxi tee is a casual duo that go perfectly together.  My Bottega Veneta harem pants are a delicious go-to as I loves me harems.  Did you know?

So happy happy Friday!  Do something indulgent today and love it!
I'm preparing to do the same :)

See ya back here on Monday!


  1. Love these photos, I really love your outfit!!

    Carsedra of:

  2. That Ramen looks delish! Love your hair! Have a fun weekend :)


  3. Have you ever made a video post/blog post on your hair routine? I'd love to watch it!

  4. Love those gold rings. Where did you snag those?!


    The Kris Bliss