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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I'm Living In

There's been a freezing chill in the air recently.  Thank goodness I had decided to make a deliciously comfortable long sleeve double-knit maxi top to keep me warm.  At the time I was designing my tops, I didn't think there would be a need for a long sleeve version.  This is a good tester

There's this quirky little trolley, Angel's Landing that ascends you in kind of a jif to the next block up.  It's such a cute little small town cart in the middle of downtown that, instead of just walking a block, I pay the 50 cents to sit pretty and watch the scenery as I rise... kind of like the stair assist chairs for seniors.

And of course I am also living in my drop crotch All Saints jeans.  It's a phase I'm going through.  Or is it?  Whatever, please bear with me.

Sooo I am loving this outfit for dog walks, trolley rides, fabric trips and everything else in between.  I feel like the love child of All Saints and Eileen Fisher.  Omg, that's exactly what this is!  Sigh :)

scarf: Zara Man / maxi top: Tiny Closet Collection / denim: All Saints / shoes: Converse Chucks

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  1. Aw wow! I absolutely heart your photos! And that maxi top looks so cozy:) A top like that would deffo be a nice addition to my wardrobe over here in England :D x

  2. Do you remember the style name of your drop-crotch All Saints jeans? I'm trying to hunt down a similar pair. Thanks!

  3. Oh my - did you say, you made the maxi top?? Please do tell, how did you make it?? Looks very comfy.

  4. Very cute look. You make me want to go out and get my own drop crotch jeans. They look pretty comfy.

  5. You look so friggin cute and cozy I can't even stand it! Cute pop of orange on your glasses too.


  6. i have my white chucks in a bag to send to the goodwill... I'm now reconsidering :)