Wear Your Power Colors

After several posts I've done over the year about color (I Love Color In The Springtime / Pop! / Colors)   I wanted to talk a bit about POWER color! 

Earlier last year, I admitted that wearing vibrant colors had never been quite second nature.  Until I traveled to the tropics (Asia specifically) wear color was everywhere and I couldn't help participating.  

And even though I'd known that power colors existed (a color that identifies and magnifies one's personality or signature essence) 
I just always thought mine was black.  

It's not.  

Just because you feel most comfortable in a particular color doesn't necessarily mean it's your power color.  

Usually a power color takes guts to wear.  It takes you a bit out of your comfort zone... 
because it highlights your power zone!

Obviously, I don't wear puce or fuchsia a lot.  But when I do, I feel different and my environment feels different as well.  People react differently.  In a positive way.  And while I believe that every single one of us looks fabulous in many different colors, we all have just a few power colors.  

blazer: vintage / top: Tiny Closet Collection / denim: United Colors of Bennetton / heels: Aldo 

 Anyway, for the past few days, I've been feeling slightly deflated so today I wanted to get back the vibrance and wear a color that could help me do just that.  
Just some food for thought :)  

What's your power color??

Happy Monday!


  1. hmmm interesting thought...I'm actually not sure what my power color is...I'll have to do an evaluation!

    Love that color on you and the blazer itself!

    ~Chymere A.

  2. love that blazer! i'm starting to think mine is yellow, or cobalt blue!

    C's Evolution of Style

  3. I don't know if it's my power color but I am obsessed with pink and wear it varying shades as often as possible! LOL. In fact though--my power color might be red: it looks really great against my skin, I always get compliments when wearing it, yet I feel slightly out of that comfort zone you mentioned. hmmmm... :: cue reflection/journaling moment ::

    Oh--that blazer? Yeeeesssssss. Love love love (obvi).


  4. I don't have any idea what's my power color... I really feel good in some colors, because of what they represent to me, but does it make those my power colors? I love your blazer and tee, both the shape and the blazer's color :)
    The last picture is beautiful, I love the composition and light and it makes me want to have that for breakfast :)

  5. That fuchsia looks amazing on you. Also, I love your hair! Reminds me of my own curly-fro.

  6. Beautiful. My power color is burnt-reddish orange or yellow

  7. You look radiant, Natalie!!!

  8. My power color is different hues..oh it just makes me do happy!! your pics are so lovely!

  9. Nice color. But your ring is hella gorgeous!!

  10. I have a few, but one of them is Orange. I love bold colors.