Staying In, to Stepping Out

I've been focusing inward lately.  Like on my new home, specifically :)  Focusing on decor, colors, fabrics, new furniture, whoooo!  My head is spinning with inspiration!

So Thursday, I took a break from going out and stayed in to marinate in all my ideas.  And possibly watch Goonies. 

But these days, I'm living in the middle of everything as soon as I walk out of my front door.  And since I like to always feel my best (and feeling my best means looking my best), even when I was cozied down inside, the couple times I needed to escort my doggie outside for a tinkle, I quickly transformed my house wear into an ensemble that was more than doable for a quick outing.

From staying in to stepping out, all I needed was a crisp business shirt and earrings.  Nothing more.

A pair of gypsy pants, an old business shirt and my comfy little bra top I always wear to bed.  Coming together, it made the best outfit for a me-time day.

gypsy pants: AllSaints / mens shirt: PINK / bra top: Free People / earrings: Karla Deras for Roman Luxe

These absolutely gorgeous earrings I'm wearing by Karla for Roman Luxe were a gift from my mother for Christmas.  I love Karla Deras's blog, Karla's Closet and I equally adore her collaboration of jewelry with Roman Luxe.  That girl is on point!!  And her jewelry designs are just as incredible.  

As casual of a day it was, this was actually the first time I wore them.

And while inside, I kept it even more simple.  

For the record, I didn't wear my earrings inside but kept them on for the shoot cus I'm fancy like that.

I also took some photos of things that have been taking up my idle attention lately: 

 our Stendig calendar newly hung in our living room....  Some mags and my favorite interior decorating book, Domino...   And my artsy husband put our kitchen chalkboard to use that morning.  Not for groceries.  It's been raining lately so of course he felt poetic.  As he does :)

The day was also spent avoiding dealing with my not so Tiny Closet.  Ugghhhh :(  But I've got some ideas that I'm excited to share that may alleviate the stress... 

More on that later!


  1. Great look-casual but sexy! I adore Karla's Closet as well--the way she mixes up vintage style is just so sick. The earrings are cute!

  2. Very cute!! I love the whole look.

  3. Welcome back, have missed your posts. You look great and your hair has grown so much.

  4. I love your bra top and earrings! Especially the earrings, their shape and colors. I really like the idea of wearing a business-y shirt over a bra top, and I love bra tops generally, so don't be surprised if I ever steal it from you!
    The chalkboard photo is adorable, somehow it reflects cosiness... that's the little things, you know?

  5. So happy you're're gorgeous as always!

  6. fabulous. beautiful, simple, stylish - as always. Glad to see your blog is back.

  7. you look great, free and happy! Glad to see you back and settling in LA.
    love, Mo

  8. Very pretty styling! You are so beautiful too! Kim from recommended you and it stood out because you moved to Cali, as will I at the end of the summer. That's what caught my eye, so I look forward to connecting with you!

    -Chymere Anais

  9. I missed you! I'm new to your blog - by way of your interview with Reiko of God's Favorite Shoes. I've been dying - waiting to learn how your move to Cali Cali progressed.

    Please don't keep me waiting so long. ;-) (Although I know your life is insanely crazy with beginning anew in a new state!)

    ~Tiffanie Bright (my real, government name ---NOT my stage name. lol)

  10. you're so pretty! i love how you casual yet beautiful and effortless this is. your house looks gorgeous from what i can see :)

    C's Evolution of Style