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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fun In The Valley

On Monday, after finally getting my internet installed(!!!!!!), Theo and I partook in one of my favorite things:  superstore spreeing!

So after Ikea, Costco and Target, we took a stroll in a park in North Hollywood.

One of my favorite duos to wear is a cropped jacket with high-waist pants.  And even though it's been quite cold lately (soooo deceptive with all this sun), I still wore my super comfy platform sandals.  I didn't really have a choice, the pants are way too long for anything else.

pants: Value Village / top: Original Gangster / denim jacket: American Eagle / necklace: Philippines / bangles: Forever21 / sandals: Nordstrom 

On another note, I've been juicing lately and it's actually pretty incredible.  Since moving to another state, I haven't really had the extra funds to buy my weekly face masks from Lush so I decided to get the magical potions I need for my skin by drinking them.  It's cheaper but it works like, Whoa.  Like Blossom's brother "Whoa".

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  1. Love the necklace and the sandals! Yay for juicing! I have yet to try any of the juicing programs, but I do try to get nutrients from veggie/fruit smoothies in the blender.

  2. cute shoes!!! I love the outfit as a whole really...

    -Chymere Anais

  3. You are just too cute!! I love a stylish outfit that can still be moved around in.

  4. This outfit is so cute and stylish!! Seeing your pictures make me long for warmer temps so I wear something cute like this, go out and enjoy beautiful warm weather!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. Great pants! I'm #teamhighwaist myself!

  6. Fun in the sun!! Wonderful outfit

  7. I love your tee and the shape given by the pants+cropped jacket!

  8. you look like you're having a fun time settling in lOl. welcome to l.a. :)