Friday, December 7, 2012

I'll Follow Him Anywhere

"Husband:  California?

Me:  I thought you'd never ask."

Guess where I'm moving??

Yes, during that one week in California it was decided that a small piece of it would be ours to call home.

Funny that my entire family on both sides comes from this golden state of dreamers and yet I was the only one born somewhere else entirely different - and swore I'd never live in such a place.  It's funny because in one month, I will be packing up my house and home to make a new start, ironically where everything first began... Uncanny!

Perfect how things work out sometimes.  

So my Tiny Closet and I are heading south (specifically Los Angeles) to the land of the coatless!  The land of perpetual Summer!  But more importantly, the land of dreams :)  

Theo's right.  It's time we start chasing ours.  Besides, I'd follow that man anywhere.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Buffalo Exchange In 'Tiny Closet' Style

Meet Krysta Youngs!

As soon as I had the pleasure of meeting this colorful, spirited, ultra-pink sensation, her infectious pink accessories and zebra prints won me over instantly!  Since then, she's managed to win over audiences all around, singing and performing her music in bands, acoustic shows and even a few full length albums!

Settling down in Los Angeles, she now spends her time in writing meetings, recording sessions and collaborative licensing projects.

Busy girl, huh?

With all the people to meet and places to be, what's a girl to wear without wearing out her wallet??  In her line of business, no one likes to see repeats.  As a singer/songwriter/business woman in the music industry, a consistently fresh and signature style is key in separating herself.  
And since Krysta is not normally one to bum around in jeans and a tee, this industry requirement fits her perfectly!  

Sooooo I was very flattered when Krysta asked me and my Tiny Closet for some style direction.  While in California for the holiday,
I was more than happy to shine a new light on her crazy wardrobe.

Talk about fun!

The objective for Krysta was to find some cohesive, modern and feminine outfits for her to run around town in all day.  But before going straight to the shopping,  I took a look inside her closet to make sure it was being fully utilized.  

And surprise, surprise - it wasn't!

After going through her amazing closet, I picked out some wonderful pieces she never before looked twice at.  
Then we went out to fill the gaps in her wardrobe and make her some complete outfits.

As I have grown to love thifting, Krysta chose to do her shopping at 
Buffalo Exchange in Sherman Oaks

 The first outfit, I put to use a chartreuse dress and floral bolero.  Both were items I found in her closet that had never been worn together but nevertheless a beautiful match:

I picked out a pair of simple plum, leather heels to play with the various purple and blue florals in her bolero.  The heels will also go with her leggings, denim and other skirts she has in her closet.

I saw so many options with the bolero.  I added it to a more casual, eclectic ensemble - once again, the top and skirt she already owned.
I picked out the necessary accessories and another pair of heels!

The bird pendant, I styled more as a rosary instead of a necklace.  The stone and design was just so flippin cool, and added a real je ne sais quoi to the overall look.  Just so you know, I never use that saying but for this - for this, it worked!

The glasses?  Totally signature Krysta style and a must!

The bird skull necklace was edgy and a great juxtaposition to the floral brocade.  We even found a beaded belt to put her jersey over-the-shoulder tee and retro skirt.

Krysta loved these snake print platforms and their retro design went beautifully with the midi skirt.  Very femme - and groovy without being dated.  
Again, these heels will go with everything she owns.

The last outfit, was out of left field.  Out of her closet, I found an elegant icey brocade coat with crystal buttons.  Such a charming coat!  So I totally vamped it up with a leopard dress and leopard sandals.  I love mixing patterns and genres but what was most important was, Krysta loved it.  We even found some vogue-like sunnies to compliment the mixture.

A look to wear out for drinks, movies or a show, this is definitely a riskier evening outfit.  But I couldn't think of any other girl whose personal style could, and would, pull it off.

The sandals had a great resort look to them and I especially liked the flawless gold hardware!
I tied them once in the back (instead of lacing them up the ankle) to give them a more romantic, sultry feel.

While we went through Buffalo Exchange, I got some detail shots of the store.  To clarify, I've always been aware of Buffalo Exchange's existence, even since the 90s but I never gave it much thought.  Now I know why they've been a success for so long!  While styling Krysta and really taking advantage of everything around us as viable wardrobe options, I was so impressed with the selection!  And then shocked that I had missed out on such a gold mine all this time!  It only seems obvious to me now to visit my own local BE in Seattle.

After the first visit, I am now a FAN! 

Everyone was incredibly friendly (and super stylish) as we took our time walking though the store.  I had to keep focus as I saw so many items for myself!  But it actually says a lot, because Krysta and I definitely have contrasting tastes and we were both literally cooing all over the place.  

So if you're late to the party like me, check it out for yourself!!  They're mainly all around the coast with a few in the Midwest, so if you're in these areas - go there as soon as you can!

A BIG thank you to everyone at Buffalo Exchange for hosting our shoot!  And another big thank you to Krysta, 
from my lil closet to yours!

and I hope you all enjoyed this styling feature

Thanks for visiting!
oh, and big news tomorrow so y'all come back now :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layering With Eyelet

The Seattle Public Library has an extension building in Columbia City.  It's so charming and cute and I've been wanting to take photos around it for a while now but the rain continues to chase me away.  There was finally a leeeetle sun today so when some of the clouds cleared for a second, Theo and I took a break and ran over to snap some pictures of my outfit.  

Coincidentally enough, the layers I threw together to go antique shopping that day matched quite well with the scenery!

I have worn this eyelet Summer dress out!  Whether it's worn alone, as a skirt, or under a dress jacket for work, it always looks light and feminine.  
And who knew it would be so versatile??

And the brogues as well - tried on these ol' faithfuls at Mall of Asia, clear on the other side of the world and I cant quit em!  I wear them with almost everything - mainly because they were my only shoes for like 3 months anyway.  I got veeerrry creative.  

You can view these shoes in my favorite looks here with harems in the Philippines, and here in a "Boyfriend" look!

I folded the slip of this eyelet dress so that you could see my wide leg denim underneath.  It made it look more like a tunic instead of a full on dress.  And since the dress is definitely for Summer wear, I threw on a textured blazer to cover my bare shoulders.

All in all, incredibly comfy and a great way to mix up the ol' jeans and a blazer look.

Come back Thursday as I will be debuting my first personal styling job!!  Authentic 'Tiny Closet' personal shopping and styling!  
And we had a blast :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Earth Tones

I'm not really much for earth tones.  Mainly because they don't flatter my tones.  Still, I couldn't help put this ensemble together on Monday, simply for the sake of fashion and style.  The colors and lines all went together so cohesively and the resulting style reminded me of a modern pioneer woman.  

What is it with me these days?  Pioneer?  Prairie?  Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman? 

Lately, I've been leaning subconsciously towards strong, Western looks.  This too shall pass I'm sure but while my fingers are pruny in it, I might as well record the phase. 

shawl: Nicole Bridger / dress: James Perse / necklace: Goodwill / earrings: Whitney Stern Jewelry Design / belt: Forever21 / boots: Cole Haan 

It's interesting all the different looks I find in this Tiny Closet of mine :) Even if it's not really my style, who cares?  Clothes are amazing because you're in them and then you're out of them and on to something else.  I have become addicted to seeing just how dynamic and versatile my wardrobe and I can really be when it comes to daily expression.  

So yes, I have worn these items tons of times - (one of them being here) and all in different ways.  You can also view the shawl and boots together with denim here!

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Like The Wind

After a long and sunny vacation, I returned to the great Northwest and had some trouble getting out of my Summer clothes...

One item in particular I have always favored over my other Summer dresses and jumpers: my AllSaints cotton maxi!  While emptying my suitcase, I couldn't help hanging up this one, front and center in my Tiny Closet instead of storing it away again in my seasonal trunk.  I have certainly worn this item from season to season before but I feel like I'm finally getting a good sense of its abilities for Fall and Winter.

Out for some lunch and vintage shopping, I decided to take pictures of my uncharacteristic outfit.  Very prairie-like, very Western.  
The wind was also quite dramatic that day so my outfit turned out to be a ball for the occasion :)

I decided this time, to wear the maxi as a skirt.  I folded down the scant bra top and pulled on a comfy fitted scoop neck tee by James Perse.  

I also dug out my enormous cowgirl belt and wrapped that around the skirt and top.

Then, to put a little city edge back into the look, I covered the top with my leather graphite Muubuu jacket and scrunched the sleeves!  

The chandelier earrings were screaming so, to quiet them down for a more casual setting, 
I wrapped a long but light scarf loosely around my neck and bunched it up.

The shoes, I spotted them crunched in the back of a rack in a Buffalo Exchange.  While doing a feature shoot there, it was hardly about me but I quickly put them to the side for safe keeping until the shoot was over!  And pssst,

Can't wait to share the style feature later this week!!

Aren't these just the coolest though??  I thinking cowboy-meets-Jil Sander.  Perfect for the city.  Perfect for a hoedown.  What can't they do?

earrings: AllSaints / scarf: Zara Man / top: James Perse / leather jacket: Muubuu / belt: Forever21 / maxi: AllSaints / shoes: Buffalo Exchange (name worn off)


It's December and already the month has brought new sewing projects, style collabs and... big news!

But more on that later...

Hope your Thanksgiving was as happy and crazy as mine!  Glad to be back and posting again.  I've so missed sharing with you :)