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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Layering With Eyelet

The Seattle Public Library has an extension building in Columbia City.  It's so charming and cute and I've been wanting to take photos around it for a while now but the rain continues to chase me away.  There was finally a leeeetle sun today so when some of the clouds cleared for a second, Theo and I took a break and ran over to snap some pictures of my outfit.  

Coincidentally enough, the layers I threw together to go antique shopping that day matched quite well with the scenery!

I have worn this eyelet Summer dress out!  Whether it's worn alone, as a skirt, or under a dress jacket for work, it always looks light and feminine.  
And who knew it would be so versatile??

And the brogues as well - tried on these ol' faithfuls at Mall of Asia, clear on the other side of the world and I cant quit em!  I wear them with almost everything - mainly because they were my only shoes for like 3 months anyway.  I got veeerrry creative.  

You can view these shoes in my favorite looks here with harems in the Philippines, and here in a "Boyfriend" look!

I folded the slip of this eyelet dress so that you could see my wide leg denim underneath.  It made it look more like a tunic instead of a full on dress.  And since the dress is definitely for Summer wear, I threw on a textured blazer to cover my bare shoulders.

All in all, incredibly comfy and a great way to mix up the ol' jeans and a blazer look.

Come back Thursday as I will be debuting my first personal styling job!!  Authentic 'Tiny Closet' personal shopping and styling!  
And we had a blast :)


  1. Congratulations on your first personal styling job! :)

  2. congrats on your first styling job! you look so cute :)

    C's Evolution of Style