Like The Wind

After a long and sunny vacation, I returned to the great Northwest and had some trouble getting out of my Summer clothes...

One item in particular I have always favored over my other Summer dresses and jumpers: my AllSaints cotton maxi!  While emptying my suitcase, I couldn't help hanging up this one, front and center in my Tiny Closet instead of storing it away again in my seasonal trunk.  I have certainly worn this item from season to season before but I feel like I'm finally getting a good sense of its abilities for Fall and Winter.

Out for some lunch and vintage shopping, I decided to take pictures of my uncharacteristic outfit.  Very prairie-like, very Western.  
The wind was also quite dramatic that day so my outfit turned out to be a ball for the occasion :)

I decided this time, to wear the maxi as a skirt.  I folded down the scant bra top and pulled on a comfy fitted scoop neck tee by James Perse.  

I also dug out my enormous cowgirl belt and wrapped that around the skirt and top.

Then, to put a little city edge back into the look, I covered the top with my leather graphite Muubuu jacket and scrunched the sleeves!  

The chandelier earrings were screaming so, to quiet them down for a more casual setting, 
I wrapped a long but light scarf loosely around my neck and bunched it up.

The shoes, I spotted them crunched in the back of a rack in a Buffalo Exchange.  While doing a feature shoot there, it was hardly about me but I quickly put them to the side for safe keeping until the shoot was over!  And pssst,

Can't wait to share the style feature later this week!!

Aren't these just the coolest though??  I thinking cowboy-meets-Jil Sander.  Perfect for the city.  Perfect for a hoedown.  What can't they do?

earrings: AllSaints / scarf: Zara Man / top: James Perse / leather jacket: Muubuu / belt: Forever21 / maxi: AllSaints / shoes: Buffalo Exchange (name worn off)


It's December and already the month has brought new sewing projects, style collabs and... big news!

But more on that later...

Hope your Thanksgiving was as happy and crazy as mine!  Glad to be back and posting again.  I've so missed sharing with you :)


  1. We missed you too Nat!
    I am wondering if I cannot get those shoes made for myself by some shoe maker around town, they are soooo gorgeous!


  2. Missed you Too!!! I just found your blog and I was like where where did she go.. Looking Fab

  3. i saw your feature on godsfavoriteshoes & came to catch up on all your! you're really a style inspiration. love the shoes.

  4. I love everything about this outfit/these photos!

  5. Love your outfit...Glad you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!Those shoes are crazy beautiful!

  6. I love wearing maxi dresses as skirts (probably because my height never lets them sweep the floor like I want). You look amazing!! The boots and jacket took this look from prairie to full on chic!

  7. Love this look! I love wearing dresses in winter because I refuse to put away the pretty colors and patterns! ^_^

  8. That outfit is just beyond cute and earthy and you made it look like a ball to have on. Love it when clothing is beautiful AND a good time all rolled into one. That is what I call multi-functional ;-)

  9. Amazing combination of colors and style

  10. This look is perfect for fall! Those shoes were a great find! As usual, you look amazing!


  11. Love your look, your hair and in love with your photography

  12. So love!

    Tiff Ima