In to Navy

I never thought I'd buy into the whole "jeggings" epidemic that's happened over the last few years... But with the growing options and styles of this quasi-maternity wear, I gotta say, the moment I slipped on a pair, the heavily accommodating waste band and  forgiving thigh area sold me instantly.  Plus it made me feel better about myself on my thicker days.

Anyway, the reason I'm even bringing up this dying breed of pants is because I've always worn mine with long tunics, ya know, to cover them up but still show a hint of a denim look.  And I wear them on laundry days or grocery shopping  and whatnot.  But after finding yet another gem (a sharp little sailor top) at Driftwood consignment in Madrona, these jeggings all of a sudden look suitable enough to not need to be hidden!  And because I felt a bit 40s that day, I popped on my tap shoes and my M.A.C. Red lipstick a la "I love Paris In The Springtime" :)  Ya know, to finish the look.
Sailor necklines are the cutest.  Add navy stripes and cute just got cheeky.  I look like a black Annie - hilarious!  And awesome.  This silk knit Ralph Lauren polo makes the bottom part of my ensemble perfect sense.  And with the tap shoes, well, where's a parlor or a wash deck to dance around on when you need one??  I'm totally mixing metaphors here but as you've probably already noticed, this outfit covers a couple campy themes.

 Jeggings: - all other clothing including accessories are vintage.
 And of course, that's not all I can do with this sailor top.  You'll definitely be seeing it pop up through Fall and Winter as that is the Tiny Closet way but I wanted to debut this item in a more carefree light to remind myself to have fun with fashion and play with styles.  

So have FUN in your clothes this weekend!


  1. First off you look amazing from head to toe. Love the lips! And second off where in the greater Seattle area can you find parking for $1?!

    1. Thank you! And I was actually dropping off some clothes at the drycleaners in Madrona :) Right next to Driftwood.

  2. LOL @ "a Black Annie". Adorable!