Sewing For Beginners

In a week, I will be flying to Vegas to celebrate and help host my company's annual award show. It will be a week of galas, parties, meetings and shows and I can't believe I haven't planned out my outfits yet!!  I did however, plan to finish sewing my first Summer dress.  Yes, specifically for Vegas I aimed to sew something minimal, classy, and a lil bit sexy!  Check it out:
I tagged along to one of Theo's appointments last week.  We were in a particularly gorgeous area where the greenery and iron gates went beautifully with my new striped number.  I actually designed and sewed this free hand - no pattern.  I saw a stunning Alexander Wang dress in black and was instantly inspired to remake it :)  Ya think he'll mind?

 Since this piece has just one strap and it's fitted, like I've said in the past with this style, it can get a little ice-skatery.  Sooo, I decided to make the one strap thicker and attempted to give a slight drape under the neckline - so it looks less costume-like, yeah?

 My accessories are from the Philippines, the espadrilles are from Yoox.com (psst, I also wore them here), and this thick rattan-like belt always comes in handy - got it from Forever21.  The simplicity of this outfit makes my Tiny Closet heart sing.

And even though Summer is almost over for the great Northwest, this dress will surely be popping up a few more times before Fall - and again next Summer!

Keep visiting to see more of my sewing projects!  Cus I'm on a roll, ladies :)


  1. Dress and belt combo is making me tres happy!

  2. You are a clothes making machine! Love love this dress.

  3. Very lovely!! You have some great talent!!

  4. Lovely!! I'm always happy to see more people give sewing a try!