Out of The Ordinary

Theo and I have been wanting to check out a new Mexican restaurant in our hood, La Catrina and after learning they serve brunch on the weekend, we could no longer delay seeing what the place was all about.  Seated at an outside table in their back garden area, we settled in immediately.  Hello!  Gorgeous.  I was surrounded by herbs and flowers and there were even little lime trees.

Definitely a brunch out of the ordinary.  And speaking of out of the ordinary, I had decided that morning to use my leopard scarf from Zara as a cover up over my tube dress.  Just a regular scarf transformed into a breezy Summer top piece.
So flippin' hot out, even in the morning - looking through my Tiny Closet, I couldn't bare wearing an actual shirt.  At the same time, I didn't want to wear a bra :-/  Eh, maybe some of you ladies know how that goes.  So voila, a tasteful, perhaps regal(?) coverup so that I could feel a little "freer" in the heat that morning.

 Hanging by our table, we noticed the most unusual vine flower.  Crazy!  I plan to ask the owner what kind of plant he is growing - I want it for myself!
scarf: Zara / denim: Benetton / tube dress: H&M / earrings: Tory Burch / oxfords: CMG 

Such gorgeous surroundings :) We have added yet another gem to our lazy-Sunday-brunch options.  Can't wait to go back for a candle-lit evening drink!

Hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful!


  1. lovely outfit!!!

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  2. Teach me how to do that with a scarf please!! And take me to this restaurant that food looks amazing!

  3. Awesome!! Love your summer attire.

  4. The flower is beautiful. I've never seen it.

  5. I have recently discovered your blog perusing Fashion blogs on bloglovin. I have enjoyed seeing your style and the clever layering and I am so inspired by so many outfits. I will be following and tuning in.

  6. I love your earrings. These looks like little boats!
    I agree about the bras :/

  7. just ran into theo recently and he told me about your blog so i thought i would check it out. Looks good. That flower is a passion flower! Beautiful no?


  8. The first August 7 picture is, I don't know, BEAUTIFUL! I not sure why I am so enchanted by it; the colors, the hair, the earrings? I don't know but it's really working for you. Love it!

  9. You have the most creative juices flowing with scarves! And that food looks awesome!!