Beating Around The Gown

If you read my last wedding dress post, Big Long &Ugh..., you probably guessed it - I'm pretty non-traditional when it comes to traditions.  Any time I can customize, I take full advantage of that right.  I guess that's why I started chronicling my lil outfits in the first place. 

But with all this thinking-outside-the-box, every now and then, it really is fascinating to think inside the parameters of normal and see what I can come up with.  In this case

...maybe I do want a big fancy gown, eh?
Maybe I do want to have frou frou and bows and crystals and tulle everywhere!

I do, I do, I do!!!

Ahem - anyway I guess the 6 year old inside of me that never took the time to plan out her wedding whilst making mud pies and coloring outside the lines is sending a message.  More like throwing a tantrum.  Listed below, you'll see that we came to a compromise.
Ramona Keveza Couture makes truly elegant modern wedding gowns. For fashion forward brides who are not afraid of edgier (if that's even possible in the bridal world) styles and love to show off their gams! I love one-shoulder gowns but this look can be dated as the trend is certainly on its way out. She has made this one shoulder look into more of a grecian wrap. The stiff, less frou four drape gives a more adult poise.
 I tip toed a little further down the rabbit hole to this frothy gown.  The top definitely has more of an ice-skater look than I would ever venture into but again, the high-low hem shows off the legs and shoes, which apparently I find important.  As for the length - drama, drama!  I was not able to find the real designer of this dress with all the plethora of Asian custom-gown-replica websites in my way.
 Whoa-ho!  Guess what?  I am diggin it.  And just like Barbie promised, I too can have my own bridal two-piece.  The tulle is removable!  And no sillies, not removable like Theo will twirl me out of it during our dance - more like I will remove it for the reception.  Part of the reason why I can't see myself in a big ol dress is moving around in it during dinner and dancing.  Bleh.
With the high-low hemline still in mind, I thought this dress was a bit more thought out conceptually and design wise.  I found it while browsing through a very creative, thorough wedding dress blog.  It's actually called  The floral applique winding over the mini sheath with a peplum-like dress over.  No, this dress is not removable but I wouldn't want to take it off anyway.  The tiered design takes away the mass giving more mobility and it's a bit easier on the eyes.

Next is a thin weighted Jenny Packham gown.  Encrusted, bedazzled and pinned.  It's a bit 20s, a bit 40s and utterly perfect.  The thin gauzy limp sheer layers would be beautiful for an evening garden ceremony.  However, the line of this dress wouldn't do my bottom half any good.  With my small stature, this dress would make me look even tinier.  Still, the the delicate beading is absolutely gorgeous and worth a thought.
 And the last one of my tangent is the "mermaid" style gown.  I love this fitted sheath and of course I am fully aware that mermaid dresses pronounce the...lovely lady lumps.  Since my curves are more subtle a fitted gown with a dramatic flair pump up the volume, pump up the volume! 
 Ah, but still - except for maxis, long dresses just aint for me. Eva Langoria and I are so much alike (let me finish), us shorties can get away with the mini dresses because we kinda have to. We can't have too much length over our legs.

So I have definitely satisfied my inner toddler princess.  These are actually the last pictures I flipped through before I emailed my mother exclaiming my final choice.  Yep, it is done!  Wanted to share my final brainstorm with you before moving on to yet another time-consuming, nap-inducing ritual in preparation for the final best day of my life.  heehee!

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  1. The first gown is stunning, I love the idea of a slightly risque out of the norm wedding dress.