Clothes For Work... Finally!

Good things come to those who wait.  Being unemployed for um... a long time has been an experience.  Coming from a family of go-getters, 
limbo was not a place I was familiar with.  But at least I looked ok while I was there :)  

It wasn't until I stopped pounding the pavement, trying to get my foot in the door that I was offered something I couldn't say no to.  So now my Tiny Closet and I have a new project: work attire.

My department is small and elite.  I think the women there love fashion almost as much as I do.  My first day was practically a fashion show.
*sigh* Such eye candy for the style obsessed.  So now that I've got a fancy new job, mama needs some fancy new ensembles, right?

But instead of going all out and buying a new wardrobe for the office, I made it a priority to keep my lil closet Tiny!
I went thrifting at various favorites for a few dressy outerwear pieces to add to my casual clothing.  This tweed overcoat was one of the pieces I found.
Since even saying "office wear" makes me want to gag, I decided to get creative with the concept.  No, no - not Victoria's Secret office wear (jesus, who thought those skin tight skirt suits were appropriate anyway, Barbie??), I wanted something less generic-office-drone and more artistic and yes, flashy.
 This wool overcoat from Value Village is light enough for cooler Summer days and it tops a cotton/lycra tube dress that I've been wearing for years - yes, a tube dress!  I thought the open toe, strapped wedges would also give the duo an added kick.
 And though I do not usually wear flashy colors, I love love love flashy nails.  This color is "Edie" by Color Club.  Color Club has beautifully brilliant, deeply pigmented colors.  My new favorite nail color brand.
 overcoat with belt: Semantiks (Value Village thrift) / dress: H&M / bracelet: Forever / earrings: Nordstrom / wedges: Trouve

I've been busy, busy, busy these days sewing.  One of my 2012 resolutions was to finally showcase more of my own work: outfits that I sew and clothing that I've dramatically altered.  So if you promise not to laugh, I will be posting them soon.  

Aaaaand, if you like my thrifted overcoat, I think you'll quite enjoy the other treats I plan to wear at the office.

More thrifted office wear coming soon :)


  1. That coat is beautiful, especially having short sleeves and just the way it flatters your body. Looking forward to this office wear thing! Your blog is still my favourite (:

  2. I love it!! Hmm, maybe I can hire you to do some fashion overhaul/inspiration??

  3. You look HOT!! You rock a body con!!! xx

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