Winter coats have a tendency to cramp my style after a while.  So when I'm feeling cramped and cranky with my outerwear options, 
my Nicole Bridger wool wrap usually satisfies my need for something different.  

Something different but just as warm!  
I usually wear this wrap belted like I did here.  But with my wide leg denims I thought it would be more interesting to see the wrap all open and voluminous.  With the 60 mph winds I experienced that day, I certainly got the "drama" I was going for.

This thing is huge and incredibly warm because of its super tight weave.  For added texture and appeal though, I layered my wrap over a contrasting, loose knit cardi-sweater (this also made the wrap look more like outerwear and less like a robe or house coat).  After adding bangles, a bandana and oversize feather earrings, I was pleased to see a look I rarely entertain.  Bohemian!  Oh, the many possibilities of The Tiny Closet, indeed!   How can such a lil ol' wardrobe come up with so many different looks??  Quantity doesn't have much to do with options so I don't worry about it.  I focus on possibilities.

And just like true Tiny Closet living, I've worn this all before in different ways for different days.  Check it out!  

I wore these wedges here.  
I wore this wrap here.  
You can get a better look at these bangles here.
This bag comes up a lot
This denim I wore here

wrap: Nicole Bridger / top: Zara / denim: Habitual / shoes: Castaner / bag: Gustto / earrings: Urban Outfitters / bangles: Philippines

Bohemiaaaaah!  Okay, I'm out.

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  1. LOVE the layering going on here! Everything just flows!! Perfect departure from winter coats!