These Shoes Were Made For Walking

I walk.  A lot.  

I take buses, subway, taxies you name it, I take full advantage of public transportation.  

I'm a city girl.  You know, like Carrie.  


Carrie Bradshaw.  You know the city girl who walks her dog in Manolos?  Yeah, she's the city girl who complained about walking 15 city blocks in her Jimmy Choos.  The city girl you can literally count on one hand the amount of times you've seen her wear a shoe that didn't have an incline.  Yes, the city girl we all know who frolicked endlessly for a decade throughout Manhattan, from dusk to dawn in stilettos...  Yep that's me.  

Or wait a minute, no that's actually not me.  Or you.  Or anyone.  

Ah, Carrie - the quintessential city gal that none of us can or will ever be like so let's just stop trying shall we?  And you're probably saying to yourself, "I never even liked Carrie/the show, Miranda was the only real one."  Well, Miranda, stomped her feminist feet all over town in stilettos too.  And so did Charlotte and so did Samantha.  Why?  Because it was attractive!  And if I was enthralled with their juicy, unpredictable personal lives, I was doubly enthralled by their wardrobe choices.

Anyway, the reason why I'm bringing up this amazing, media-saturated show is because, even though I'd like to think of myself as an intelligent woman, the Carries, the Victoria Beckhams and the Kardashians of the world can, over time, make me believe (even subliminally) very silly things about my own life.  And before I know it, I'm making up "rules" in my head on what defines a woman. 

One rule being heels.

To say "Heels make the woman" is just as untrue as saying "The suit makes the man".  None of my friends wear heels as much as I do and I look up to all of them as they are strong, beautiful smart women. Heels don't make that.  But heels are so preeeetty.  Yeah, cool - I get it, I love them truly, madly, deeply but lately, I get the feeling from everywhere that heels are the only shoe of choice that will complete a great outfit or a make a "statement".  Now that aint true!

I notice fashion blogs don't really showcase flats so much.  At least not nearly as much as heels.  And we eat it up, yeah?  But the truth is, I'm no Carrie.  And when I walk through downtown, midtown, sodo wherever, the majority of women are in flats.  And so am I.  My heels are neatly in my bag waiting for the right moment of course.

So in an effort to be a bit more realistic with myself going forward, I thought I'd share my lil collection of "Skippers".  

Psst, I call them Skippers because no one wanted the Skipper doll.  Skipper's feet were flat and she couldn't wear heels.  Everyone wanted Barbie because she had longer legs and her feet were made for heels... Oh, Mattel.  Lol-sies :)

from left to right: Taryn Rose / Bass / King - romwe.com / CMG

Get ready to have your mind blown with these fab flats. 
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  1. Since I'm so short (5'), I feel insanely weird in heels, sort of like I'm towering over everyone. Obviously, I'm not, but that and the fact that I can't stand heels on for more than a few minutes makes me a flats wearer. I admire heels more than anything.

  2. Thank you for reading, Yara! Yes, I too am quite petite but I happen to love wearing heels lol! But you're so right, I do feel freakishly tall though with them on oddly enough. Ha! Glad I can give my feets a rest. Flats should be celebrated, I say.

  3. I nodded the whole time reading this lol I damn for sure don't wear heels everyday of my life (although sometimes I wish I had the willpower) I don't have time breaking my ankles trying to be cute! Flats it is! Or at least a nice wedge right?

  4. See... the thing with me and heels is this: they slow me down! I absolutely need to able to move! Another problem is that these Dutch cobble stone streets are not kind to my heels... I look at other Dutch bloggers out and about in their stilettos and I wonder how do they do it! Me? I'm in flats probably 80 - 90% of the time. lol