A New Hairstyle & Some Sage Advice

Sunday turned out to be even sunnier as Theo and I zoomed off to Capitol Hill to meet a friend for brunch at Odd Fellows.  When we showed up, our friend, as always, looked absolutely fabulous.

As my curls grow longer, I realize I can finally wrap them up like I used to.  Being that it's the only other style I can tolerate doing daily, I am very happy.  

me: jacket: Free People / top: Zara / pants: Zara / scarf: Zara Mens / brogues: CMG / bag: Dooney & Bourke -- her: top, shorts and all accessories: Forever21 / boots: Lucky Brand

About a month ago, I wrote a beauty/lifestyle piece for The New Fairy Tale.  I actually decided to post it for The Tiny Closet as well since here at TC, I'm all about maximizing on what I got.  Basically the piece was about looking like a knock out every day.  Because there's absolutely no reason not to.  I believe and have always believed that any woman can feel great about the way they look every single day if she wants.  And who doesn't want that?  So I gathered together all the best tips and advice that I could ever remember receiving through the years and listed it for others to read and hopefully feel as inspired as I did.  As we were all brunching it up, I realized every time I see this lady she blows me away with her style and a signature glamour. In fact, I was thinking the whole time, dang, this girl totally embodies everything I wrote about!  So of course, I asked her if she wouldn't mind being in some photos with me.

Later on that day, we got to talking about the reality of "looking good", how it doesn't have anything to do anyone but you, and also just how simple it really is.  I became totally inspired and empowered by what she explained "looking good" was for herself.  One comment she made was that wearing heels won't necessarily improve or even give you femininity.  This was something I hadn't really thought too much about and perhaps have been giving heels too much credit (gasp!).  Some women can't even stand wearing them!  I'd always just lumped those ladies together in a group that I figured I'd never understand buuut she had a point.  And actually, I only wear heels 40% to 50% of the time anyway so what do I have to say to that?  She and I both happened to have opted against heels that day (as do millions of other women every day) and I still felt attractive and womanly in my brogues.  As did she in her boots.  Hmmm.

So perhaps I should make an amendment to this helpful list of mine...  Maybe the formula for that "x-factor" look doesn't always have to include the heels ingredient.  Because I feel pretty damn great in a good pair of flats.  

What do you think?

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  1. So glad you're rocking the "rosie the riveter" again! Its the bestest

  2. You and your friend look beautiful. I love your outfits!

  3. fabulous!! I love what you wear and how you review independent style & being comfortable in your own skin. You two look just fabulous.

  4. Now that I see you next to your friend, I realise how tiny you are. hahaha love the colour of those pants. Purely stunning!

  5. Awesome outfit! So casual and cute and I loved that you tied a scarf on your head!