The Power of A Bag & Heels

I was finally able to wear jeans and a tee today (ah!).  And something I've learned while digesting fashion and style for the past decade is when all else fails (to impress) one shouldn't underestimate the power of a great bag and heels.

When it comes to evaluating my daily look, I actually prefer window reflections instead of mirrors and photographs.  Catching a glimpse of my reflection as I'm walking by a Barney's display window, the candid image is honest and usually tells, for real, if my hair or ensemble really does look as good as I thought it did that morning in my bedroom.  Standing in front of a mirror or posing for a photo, I don't always look the way I actually look when I'm walking down the street thinking of places to have lunch.  What I'm getting at is, the reason why I was finally able to wear jeans and a tee today is because I usually don't.  Why?  Because when I walk down the street in downtown gushing over the new Spring displays in the store windows, I don't want to see my sorry jeansandtee reflection staring back at me!

That is until I remembered a simple rule: a great bag and heels can make pretty much any outfit.

Since I have been experimenting constantly with color these days, today I decided to play with teal and gold accents.
heels: Dumond / bag: Yves Saint Laurent
Gold goes better with my skin color than silver.  Still, gold tends to blend so for a pop color, I like the coolness of grays and blues and opted for teal to offset all of the warmth.
 With these two accessories, I feel more ladylike and stylish while I'm enjoying the common comfort of a pair of denims and a loose T-shirt.
This parka is one of the chicest items I've ever found at H&M and I will have it in my Tiny Closet for years to come.  Light and versatile, I also wore it here.

scarf: Zara Men / bangles: Philippines / tee: Zara / denim: United Colors of Benetton / parka: H&M

And in other news: I am still shopping around with my gift card from!!  New items from my winnings coming sooooon!  Keep visiting because you're going to love them :)

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  1. nice!! the mint heels add the perfect pop of color :).