Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Saturday night was a series of annoying events...   But you just gotta laugh you know?

Last night, after thoroughly enjoying some time with a dear friend - I looked at the time, saw that it was past 8pm and raced home to get dressed for a birthday party.  Unfortunately once I got home, I got wrapped up in recording the alcohol I had consumed into my iPhone's calorie-counter app (180 calories?!  Come on!) and then fell asleep...

Next thing I hear is "What are you going to wear?" as Theo woke me up and I slowly made my way to my Tiny Closet.  I had planned to take pictures of a more thought out ensemble but things don't always happen how you planned.

And speaking of plans, once we parked and waited in line at the bar, I realized my ID was sitting pretty in my purse at HOME on the other side of town.  
As you will see in the pictures below, I am sans bag and sans ID.  


Needless to say, we took my 18-year-old looking self home.  Happy Birthday, Melissa!  Hope you had a fun night :)

Here was mine:

When time is of the essence and you're trying to look fabulous, I say quit while you're behind and go to your go-to's.  Then work (fast) from there.  From your go-to's try a new top, a fun accessory that you never wear or a jacket that pumps up your usual wear.
My accessory of choice were these huge, ornate AllSaints earrings.  Never wore them but since it was my new year's resolution to wear more jewelry aaand because I was wearing a go-to outfit, I felt them perfect for the occasion.
 Also, I felt it fitting to pump up this ensemble with a feather vest.  Sadly though, I never actually put it on for you to see just how amazing it is... yep, just wasn't all together last night.  Oh well, you will surely see this fierce feathery thing in a future post.
denim: United Colors of Benetton / booties: Jessica Simpson / asymmetric top: / earrings: AllSaints

Here's to an anti-climactic night and a good laugh.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. o what a! at least you look cute and look like you are having fun in the pics :)

  2. Aww, at least you laughed about it, that's all you can really do! Loving the pics!


  3. This go to outfit rocks! Love the entire look and the earrings!