A Day of Festivals

After a week of rain and dark clouds, Saturday was bright and warm.  Theo and I dropped everything to experience the miracle.  And while the anniversary of the day we met came and went without either of us noticing, instead of a bouquet of roses, Theo drove me to an acre of tulips.  

Dramatic huh?  Eh, the man knows how I like it :)

Months ago, in my "A Thrifting I Will Go" post, I came across a rather matronly long navy crepe skirt with white polka-dots from thrift store favorite, Value Village.  I thought I would alter it myself and make it into a cute flirty dress for Spring and Summer but with belts on my mind so much lately, I went ahead and took a crack at doing something different this time...

"Why not wear this skirt as a skirt?", I asked myself.  


How's that for thinking inside the box, eh?  This skirt has buttons that go all the way to the bottom.  BORING!  Who wants that?  I opened them all but six (as I am after all, a lady) and showed off some knees and ankles.  And one thigh.

skirt: Value Village thrift / belt: Ross / woven shrug: Bebe / tee: James Perse / necklace: Philippines / sunnies: Anne Klein / shoes: CMG / bag: Gustto 

I was so pleased to be able to wear my wooden necklace again.  When I first got this in the Philippines, I wore it here.
And this is me geeking out over the mobs of flowers all over me.  

After an oily burger and a bucket of fries, I thought it best to step out of focus of the lens and let the flowers do their thing.  Literally, acres of vibrant tulips all around us.  So preeetty!

I hope your weekend was lovely.

Oh, and before I forget - did it really happen if you don't Instagram it?  Here's some poor evidence of my farm town adventures:

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  1. I love flowers, looked like a great day! Love that wooden necklace too! You rocked that skirt girl!



  2. OK, this is officially my new favorite post! Obsessed both with that belt and the shrug/cardigan item!

  3. omg those tulips are seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy i discovered your blog. i'm really enjoying it :):)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoy reading! Those tulips were absolutely amazing, I loved creating that post:)) Thanks so much for visiting!

  5. That field of flowers is sooooo beautiful. You look so happy and free!

    I'm so glad I came across your blog. It makes me happy = )

    ~Chymere A.