I Love Color In The Springtime

It is currently 11am in the Philippines...  and also in my head.  However, the only difference is my head is now on the other side of the Pacific Ocean... not in the Philippines.  *sigh*

I didn't sleep last night but that's okay because I didn't want to.  I was too busy getting reacquainted with my Tiny Closet.  Wiping the dust off my stilettos, trying on all of my abandoned sweaters and jackets and lastly, moving all of my gray and black drabness to the back to make way for more color in my life!  And right in time for my favorite holiday esthetic...

Happy Easter!
dress: Anthropologie / belt: Forever21 / earrings: H&M
Lately, I've been so inspired by color that when going through my Tiny Closet last night, I couldn't help but pause on a couple dresses I had folded neatly in the back out of sight.  There has always been a side of me that wishes I had patience and ease with florals, silk and tea-length dresses (three styles you'll probably never see me wear) so from time to time, I'll go out and waste money on a frock that could only be tolerated at a wedding reception or baptism.  Buuuut, in the light of Easter, these two girly numbers were just so whimsical and feminine, I decided to wear them both for all of you :)
 dress: Vera Wang / belt: Ross / earrings: AllSaints

I was completely surprised to find Spring when I woke up this morning.  Yeah, its 50 degrees outside but the sun is shining and there's flowers everywhere so that means it's Spring, right?  You'll have to forgive me, see in the Northwest, the seasons go Fall, Winter, Rainy Winter, Rainy Fall, Summer.  
So this is Spring.... well color me pleased :)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! 

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  1. Wow, I am in love with the dress/belt combos here. These also might be my favorite photos yet. If you are taking requests, I would enjoy a post all about belts... Just sayin :)