Fashion of The Igorots

Going through pictures of my travels through Asia, I paused on this one.  It dawned on me that not only was I experiencing something very rare and special (sitting above the secluded terraces of Ifugao with some Igorot ladies in a tiny mountain province) but I was also able to observe, in person, their fashion sense...

So this is definitely not the most flattering picture of me (aaaahhhh!), let's just say my Tiny Closet was thousands of miles away okay?  And let's also say that white rice does NOT suit me... Jeeez.  Regardless, I am so glad Theo was able to take a picture of these women.  At the time, I was conscious not to stare even though their outfits were amazing - so now with this photo, I can stare as long as I want, studying each article and accessory and facial expression.  And guess what?  So can you!

I love the blazers with the traditional hand woven skirts and loin cloths.  And I wanted that scarf for myself!  But I settled on a hand woven blanket for my bland white bed back home.  Red is a traditional color in Ifugao and with jungle surrounding you at all times, the bright color was a beautiful, strong accent.
I'm so glad I decided to wear my red Toms that day.

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  1. I was looking for a Igorot scarf. I'm from the Philippines and I been to Baguio already. But I'm planning to visit it again next year for a race and my search end up with this beautiful clan. You look great! :)

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