Wear a Belt

It's been drizzling all day.  Like it does.  A great day to sit inside and talk about belts!

Okay, a friend of mine asked recently if I could help her find creative ways to wear belts.  Specifically in an office environment.  Um, totally.  What I love about belts right now is the fact that, thanks to hit shows like Mad Men, belts are sliding their way up to the natural waistline and cinching us to a more classic, ladylike silhouette - a trend that should never go away.  As well, belts are making their way outside outerwear again, and very becomingly buckling in thicker materials like coats and cardigans.  Very fresh and stylish things happening.  And plenty of ideas to choose from!

Shall we get started then?

Let's start with simple.  The traditional duo of dress and belt:

Okay - I love sash style belts.  For those of us who gravitate towards wider belts but don't always like a big buckle staring right back at you in the mirror, I like this bohemian take.  Plus, with a knot instead of a notch method, you can customize just how fitted or loose you wish your cinch to be.  Tie it any ol' way you want, baby.  I also like the idea of using a scarf or thick textury ribbon for a more romantic style.
And then there's the subtlety of the super-thin belt.  Why not wear a bright one to give your outfit a pop of color or to mix up your patterns, like for example a geometric dress with a thin leopard belt.  You can also be elusive with your thin belt and blend its right in with the rest of your ensemble but have a contrasting texture.  This gives you a more dynamic look.

And what about wearing belts over our coats and sweaters?  Belts worn over outerwear can bring eccentricity, drama and sophistication to an otherwise too casual, or shapeless look.  But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Are you maxed out with belts yet?  No?  Me neither!  My all time favorite way to wear a scarf is actually tucking it into my belt.  Gorgeous.  It's a glamorous effect really.  Like you're simply oozing with luxury and class.  And then you can also take the style down a notch (haha, get it? - you see what I did there?) and make it more casual simply by the clothes you wear.  Here are some examples:

So, there you have it!

A variable plethora of belt styles to run to your closet and try.  Don't have many belts to choose from?  That's the beauty of these accessories - cheap ones can still look stunning with the right outfit.  If you're going out on a limb, hit up your local vintage, thrift and budget stores - they're usually treasure troves.  And look forward to seeing me in more belted outfits.  I love wearing belts in the Summer!

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