Summer Dress = Winter Night Gown

The only thing I don't like about Winter is the short days.  About this time each year, I look forward to going home, cozying down into the couch and and doing the rest of my work there until its time to go to bed.  Don't get me wrong, I love walking through downtown with the glittering lights surrounding me, viewing the new holiday dresses in the windows at Barney's, grabbing a drink with friends in a crowded bar - all that is great during the Winter.  But after rushing around in the cold in my heels all day, its deliciously wonderful to lounge at home during the evenings and holidays.

But what to wear?  Yes, I mean at home - that's a perfectly legitimate question.  You don't really think I'm going to subject my guy to watching me hibernate in an oversize college t-shirt and PINK boxers, do you?  Mama don't run it like that.  I was having a difficult time coming up with comfy yet pretty ensembles to wear around the house (mainly in bed) that weren't dry-clean only.  Lingerie isn't all that warm.  "Cozy" traditional two piece pajamas are not appealing (I'd have to get them tailored with my stature and all) .  And robes don't really "speak" to me....  So while I am still mulling over these important things in life, having the most luxurious attractive nightwear a girl can get (within reason), I've come up with the idea of taking last Summer's maxis and sundresses and recycling them into current Winter night gowns.  

My in-laws are always going to the Philippines and they bring back little Summer dresses.  I've started wearing them in the evenings when I get home and wore one practically all day on Thanksgiving.  That's when the realization hit that they act as very attractive night wear.  And if they get stretched out from lounging and sleeping, so what?  They're inexpensive and my Tiny Closet can certainly handle a collection of them each year.

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  1. wonderful dresses!! You look amazing in both! xx

  2. great idea! those dresses are very gorgeous! I love the white one


  3. Is that your "tiny closet" behind you with the chinese doors? It's beautiful and pretty big for a tiny closet. ;-) And I love the dresses! I do the same thime in the summer time, but in winter I need full on snuggle wear!

  4. gorgeous photos. i do the same thing! wear my summer dresses as nightgowns. your photos are stunning. you are divine! awesome blog. thanks for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog as well.

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. Great idea! I really like your photos
    you are so gorgeous!!

  6. No lie, I do this too! I miss my summer-y maxi dresses in winter time so I slip them on and walk around the house. Your dresses are so pretty!

  7. no i don't like it!..............i LOVE it!! u r so amazing!! the camera loves u and i love u too!!

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