STYLEMINT Thanksgiving Attire: One Course at a Time

I have recently become a fan of StyleMint.  

Welcome to an online styling boutique dedicated solely to T-shirts!  Created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of The Row.  I am a humungoid fan of T-shirts and well, jersey in general and I've been a long time fan of The Row, which started out originally as a line of high end luxury Tees.  So of course now I am intrigued to find their less expensive sister line where every single T-shirt is [drumroll] 

$29.95 !!!

You can view a slice of their inventory above in the first tier of clothing.  They've got a plethora of styles to choose from!  What's great about this boutique is you sign up, become a free member, and every month, StyleMint showcases T-shirts to you privately that are specifically tailored to your personal style.  You can buy every item they choose for you or, if you don't see anything you want, you can skip that month and wait for next month's reveal!  Sounds kinda VIP, huh?  Yeah, mama likes feeling catered to :)

Speaking of being catered to, I am now going to my parents house to stuff myself with stuffing and basically be filled to the brim with uhhhmazingness.  Another reason why jersey is always the fabric of choice for me.  It's fashionable and forgiving!  

In all seriousity though (I made up that word, hehe) I need pumpkin pie in my mouth right now, so if you'll excuse me...

Happy Thanksgiving :)


  1. I love the skirt with gold sequins!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  2. Those clothes are really amazing. I particularly love the selection of chothes that have the cranberry sauce color.